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Zigzag Stripes Motif – Video

In this demonstration, I use white for the main color (MC) and green for the contrasting color (CC).

Zigzag Stripes Swatch

With MC, CO 21 sts or a multiple of 4 sts + 1.

Setup Rows
Row 1 (RS): K.
Row 2: P.

Pattern Rows
Row 1: K1, (Sl 3, k1) across.
Row 2: P2, (Sl 1, p3) to last 3 sts, end Sl 1, p2.
Row 3: Twist yarns once around each other. Continuing in same color as Rows 1-2, K across.
Row 4: P across. Switch yarns.
Repeat Pattern Rows 1-4 until knitting reaches desired length, switching colors after every Row 4.

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