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Why Magic Loop?

Magic Loop solves all the problems inherent in other forms of round knitting, plus, it's easier, faster, and more fun. In all my experience knitting and teaching, Magic Loop is the best and easiest way to learn to knit in the round.

Try On As You Go

When to start your Fleegle HeelWith Magic Loop, you can try on anything you knit as you go, whether it be socks or gloves, and never worry about losing stitches off the ends of your DPNs, or being stabbed by the ninja star of death.

Being able to try on your knitting as you go is a big time-saver: discovering that what you are making is too small or too big before you are done is one easy way to save yourself hours and hours of re-knitting.

No Laddering

With Magic Loop, the frustrating problem of laddering disappears.

Even beginners just trying the method notice after their first few rounds that their tube is seamless and even, all the way around. Hooray! As my student Dianne says...

"The Magic Loop! No more ladders in my socks, yay. It's definitely the most useful technique I've learned and I use it all the time. Thanks Liat :)" -Dianne D.


This is a boring but succinct way to say you don't have to spend so much money on needles.

You just have to buy one length of needle, in whatever size your project (or gauge swatch) calls for, and that's it. Knit the biggest sweater to the tiniest novelty toy on one length of needle.

You also won't have to carry so many different needles with you when you travel.

Key Cozy pattern knitted with Jitterbug yarn from Colinette
Made using Magic Loop
Made using Magic Loop

Never Use DPNs Again

I almost forgot this one. This is a main selling point of Magic Loop to some of my students, who have become so frustrated with using DPNs that they give up knitting in the round until they discover the joy of Magic Loop.

But you don't have to hate DPNs, or give them up, to appreciate what Magic Loop can do in your life. Just think, you'll never have to stop at a knit shop when traveling to buy a set of DPNs that you already have at home, just because you got to the top of your hat faster than you thought you would.

With Magic Loop, you've already got all the needles you'll ever need. Now you can stop at that knit shop just because you feel like it.

Never Lose The Other Needle

No more losing needles in car doors, down the aisle of an airplane, or just in the cavernous depths of your knitting bag. You simply can't - they're attached to each other.

Make Two-At-A-Time

One huge advantage to using Magic Loop is that is opens the door to knitting things two-at-a-time.

We'll explore the wonders of knitting two-at-a-time in the Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks course, in which I trick you into learning the two-at-a-time method without even trying. But for now, let me just say the words, "No more Second Sock Syndrome."

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