Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™


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Becoming a Knitting Superstar

Hello Lovely Knitter,

Thank you so much for buying this course! We are about to embark on a beautiful journey together.

This journey starts with you having already knitted a plain garter-stitch scarf (if you didn’t even know what it was called, that’s ok — as long as you have knitted some sort of scarf).

The journey ends with you being confident and capable enough to knit 90% of the amazing and gorgeous projects out there. And by working along with the projects and exercises in this course, you’re going to get yourself there fast.

With just a few very specific, carefully-chosen projects and a collection of the most important tips and tricks you will need, you are going to bring yourself up to a level of knitting that you have NEVER imagined. I promise! You will become what I call a “Knitting Superstar.”

What is a Knitting Superstar?

A Knitting Superstar is fearless. Equipped with curiosity and confidence, you try new things, because you are unafraid to make mistakes. You are used to and can deal with the uncomfortable feeling of messing up, or being confused or stuck, and you know how to move through it and come out a better knitter.

Your garments usually look and feel great on you and on your loved ones, because you are knowledgeable about yarn and the different choices you have when shopping for yarn. You know how to measure yourself and create projects that fit just right.

You are comfortable finding answers and getting inspiration from the many resources that are available – maybe you surf Ravelry, answering and asking questions in the forums. Maybe you’ve made friends at your local yarn store (LYS) or your local knitting group. You know that the answers are out there, waiting to be discovered (even by you)!

A Knitting Superstar is an expert at making mistakes, as well as fixing them. As a Knitting Superstar, you know that a learning opportunity is behind every misstep, and that only through challenging your abilities can you grow as a knitter and as a person. You are also a great help to others – a calming, reassuring voice when your friends have questions and need knitting advice.

You know how to set yourself up for knitting success – how to measure gauge, pick the right size and shape of garments for your body, plus how to add the right finishing touches to any project, so that it looks professional.

You can knit in the round, two-at-a-time, in fact – from the top-down, from the bottom-up, and every other which way, without getting lost or tangled.

Your projects go fast, because you’ve streamlined your knitting technique. The horizons of knitting are open to you, because you know how to learn.

Sound good? That’s going to be you, and it’s going to be awesome!

About Your Instructor:

My name is Liat (lee-AHT), and I have been knitting and teaching knitting for the past ten years. I taught and worked in yarn stores across the country until I discovered my true passion, which is teaching knitting through video.

I hope you love what I have put together – I made it just for you!

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