Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™


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Becoming a Fearless Knitter

So you’ve just learned how to knit. Either you’ve worked through my Learn-to-Knit e-book, or a friend has taught you… maybe you’ve searched on YouTube for beginner videos or gone to your local yarn store… either way, you’re hooked.

Yay!! My heart is swelling with happiness, knowing the wonderful and challenging journey that is in front of you as a knitter. Let’s work together to make it a fantastic one!

Many of my intermediate and even advanced knitting students come to me with a spotty foundation to their knitting. They may have been knitting for thirty years, but they still don’t feel comfortable reading knitting patterns (this is like living in the U.S. for thirty years and not learning how to speak English – they’re missing out on a whole lot). Many are self-taught knitters who aren’t aware of where their skills fit into the overall structure or body of knowledge of knitting techniques.

They go for years and through many frustrating projects without even knowing there is an easier way to do something. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. I wrote this e-book for adventurous beginners and for intermediate knitters who have missed key foundations of their knitting practice.

I’m going to help you build a solid foundation of knitting knowledge and skill, so that each new project is a challenge where you learn and add to your skill set, not one where you get frustrated. I’m going to guide you through progressively more challenging projects so that you can really absorb each skill and build on it as you work through this course.

You are going to learn SO many keys to knitting – working through these videos is going to pay off in hundreds of hours of saved time, skipped frustration, and even dollars saved at the yarn store.

I’ll also give you a challenge project at the end of each module – if you’re feeling adventurous, this will be the perfect way to do some knitting extra-credit! Together we are going to set you on a course toward Knitting Superstardom, with the correct form, from the very beginning. Let’s find out what you’re going to learn!

What You’ll Learn In This Course

We’ll start with a review of what you learned in the Learn-to-Knit e-book – an easy cast-on, proper knit-stitch technique, and simple pattern reading.

We’ll then take a trip to the yarn store and learn about a fantastic online knitting resource that you will love. We’ll pick out some yarn for your first projects and get started! We’ll start knitting with a new, slightly more complicated but much nicer-looking cast-on, and the tricks that will help you do it well.

I’ll then teach you the flip side to the coin of knitting – the purl stitch. We’ll discuss and practice the different kinds of fabrics you can make when you combing the knit and purl stitches in different ways.

We’ll then start some projects! A ribbed scarf is a beautiful project and great practice for your purl stitches. We’ll take a trip to the yarn store together – I’ll help you pick out the right yarn and needles, as well as some other basic supplies that you’ll have to get sooner or later. While we work on the ribbed scarf, you’ll also be practicing “reading” your work – recognizing what knit and purl stitches look like, and why that’s helpful.

We’ll then take a break from scarves and swatches to learn two incredibly important techniques: increasing and decreasing. Yep – it’s time to break out of the rectangle! It’s easier than you think, and it’s crucial for advancing to projects like hats, mittens, and sweaters. I’ll teach you the easiest ways to add and take away stitches, and we’ll practice on a fantastic beginner pattern – the diamond dishcloth. At the same time, we’ll have another yarn lesson (and this trip to the yarn store will be very cheap!).

I’ll also give you a secret to counting your rows on garter stitch, which you’ll definitely want to know in the future. I’ll then introduce you to Stockinette stitch, the fabric at the foundation of almost every knitted item. As we knit a dishcloth with a cute image in “relief,” we’ll talk about the delights and challenges of Stockinette stitch and get familiar with how the fabric works, as well as how to fix any mistakes in your knitting.

I’ll also teach you how to count your stitches and rows easily (something that even many advanced knitters don’t have the hang of!), and how and when to use stitch markers to keep track of where you are. I’ll then walk you through some of my favorite stitch-combinations that work great as scarves – you’ll practice seed-stitch, learn how and when to slip stitches, and how to make my favorite stitch pattern: “man stitch” (more commonly known as mistake-rib). You’ll knit two gorgeous scarves and a challenge dishcloth in this module.

We’ll finish the e-book with a great project to tie together all of your knowledge of stitches – a stitch-sampler patchwork blanket. This makes a beautiful gift for a friend who’s expecting, or maybe someone who’s moving away. It’s also a great group project!

I’ll help you continue practicing and perfecting your knitting foundations by showing you my favorite resources for stitch-inspiration – the books and websites that can help you make up your own scarf, blanket, and dishcloth patterns, in new and engaging combinations of knit-and-purl. Ready? Let’s get started!

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