Ch. 2 Begin Double Knitting

How to Double Knit – Plain Stitches (Row 2)

The best way to get used to the alternating-color technique is to work along the chart, practicing creating stitches of one color on the front, and the other color on the back.

As we will see, each stitch in the scarf, except for the edge stitches, is really a pair of stitches: the first stitch of the pair is knitted and shows up on the front of the scarf, and the second stitch of the pair is purled in the opposite color and shows up on the back of the scarf.

The only exception to this is that a single stitch on either side is knitted with both yarns together.

Practice Double Knitting (Rows 3-4)

Following the chart, there are 4 rows of “plain” double-knitting: knitting in which the front of the scarf is worked in the main color, and the back is worked in the contrasting color.

We’ve already done two rows: work along with me as we do the next two.

Keep Your Edges Clean

To make sure your edges look beautiful, always make sure your edge stitches are not twisted:

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