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Starting Your Adventure

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Starting Your Adventure

How to Take This Class

As you work through the class videos in order, take note of, but don’t be overwhelmed by, the reference information below each video. In it, I teach you the abbreviations for that stitch or technique. I also write up for you in pattern “language” the instructions that I verbally told you to do in the video. This way, you’ll start to learn to read crochet patterns without even trying.

Refer to the Dictionary in the Sidebar

The dictionary at the bottom of the sidebar at left defines common crochet abbreviations. If you click on one of the abbreviations, it will open a window with stitch instructions and a quick-reference GIF showing the technique. You may have to wait a moment for the GIF to appear the first time you click.

Using Crochet Dictionary

Cool, right? You’re welcome! :)

How You’ll Learn to Crochet

Here’s a quick list of your learn-to-crochet steps:

  1. Choose a hook and yarn
  2. Make a slipknot and tension your yarn
  3. Learn how to crochet a chain
  4. Learn how to crochet into a chain
  5. Learn about turning chains
  6. Learn the different stitches
  7. Try several practice projects
  8. Crochet a hat
  9. Learn some advanced techniques
  10. See our recommendations for other projects to try
  11. Go crochet!

Ready? Let’s get started by making a basic crochet swatch. You can use any size crochet hook and yarn you have handy.

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