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Two-Color Bind-Offs

The bind-offs on this section use contrasting colors to make a pattern.

You have three choices:

1. Bind off in any contrasting color to make a solid, contrasting bind-off,
2. Do a striped bind-off that looks good on a solid background, or
3. A striped bind-off that looks good on vertical stripes.

Neither of latter two is very stretchy – they are purely decorative. You would use them on the edge of something like a dishcloth or a coaster or potholder.

Two-Color Bind-Offs Sampler Instructions

Two-Color Bind-Off Sampler Instructions

With white yarn, CO 26 sts.
Work 3 rows in 1×1 rib.
Row 4 (RS): K1 with white, join blue and k1, (k1 with white, k1 with blue) 6 times. With blue, k rem 12 sts. Turn.
Row 5 (WS): P12 with blue, work in vertical-striped St st over rem 14 sts. Turn.
Row 6-8: Continue in pattern.
Row 9 (WS): Cut white yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Join white yarn to beginning of row and work in vertical-striped St st over whole row, starting with white. You’ll have 2 white sts next to each other in the middle of the sampler. That’s OK.

  1. BO 12 sts using the Simple 2-Color Bind-Off. Place st on R needle onto a needle 3-4 sizes bigger.
  2. 1 st on R needle. Starting from step 10, BO rem sts using the Double-Stitch Bind-Off.

Block this sampler.

The Bind-Offs

Bind Off In Any Contrasting Color

To work a bind-off in a contrasting color, work the WS row previous to your bind-off row in the contrasting color, and continue with the contrasting color to work the bind-off you desire.

Bind-offs that would be good to try in a contrasting color would be:

Simple Two-Color Bind-Off

This bind-off looks good over vertical stripes, and, while the bind-off itself is very easy, it involves two-color knitting, which is why I think this bind-off merits an “intermediate” rating.

It based on the Standard Bind-Off, which means it won’t be stretchy enough to top off two-color brioche or anything that needs to stretch much, like Fair-Isle ribbing.

The trick to this bind-off is that you knit the stitches with their opposite color while you do the Standard Bind-Off.

To Do the Simple Two-Color Bind-Off:

  1. K1 with opposite color.
  2. K next st with opposite color.
  3. BO 1.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 across.
  5. Cut yarn and pull through last st.

Click image to play. If GIF doesn’t play immediately when clicked, wait 20-30 seconds. Click the GIF again to stop.

Double-Stitch Bind-Off

If you have a solid color fabric and you want to finish it with a two-colored bind-off, this is the right choice.

It’s basically the One-Over-Two Bind-Off prepared on the wrong side row and done with alternating colors.

The key to this bind-off is making sure that you use a needle in your right hand that is at least three to four sizes bigger than the one that you used in your knitting. Otherwise your bind off will be way too tight.

This is an advanced bind-off because you have to do a set up row on the wrong side where you alternate the two colors. In other words, Fair-Isle knitting on the purl side, which is an advanced technique (but you can still do it!).

If you haven’t done two-color knitting before, just be patient with yourself.

Based on: the 1-Over-2 Bind-Off

To Do the Double-Stitch Bind-Off:

  1. Hold the CC in your hand. Leave a 6-in. tail hanging down for weaving in later.
  2. P1 with CC.
  3. Tension both yarns in your hand for Fair-Isle knitting.
  4. P next st with MC.
  5. P next st with CC.
  6. Continue purling in alternating colors across row.
  7. Turn work.
  8. Hold a large needle in your R hand (3-4 sizes bigger than you were using before).
  9. K1 with same color yarn as stitch.
  10. K next st with same color yarn as st.
  11. K next st with same color yarn as st.
  12. Lift 3rd st off over 1st 2 sts on needle.
  13. K next st with same color yarn as st.
  14. Repeat steps 12-13 across.
  15. BO 1.
  16. Cut yarns and pull through last st.

Click image to play. If GIF doesn’t play immediately when clicked, wait 20-30 seconds. Click the GIF again to stop.

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