Video: S2KP (Slip 2, Knit, Pass)

This reduces the number of stitches by two and is neatly centered (no leaning at all). One of my personal favorites.

Also called: Centered Double Decrease


Slip 2, knit 1, psso:

  1. With yarn in back, insert your right-hand needle from front to back through the first two stitches on your left needle. Let both stitches slip off onto the right-hand needle.
  2. Knit the next stitch.
  3. Insert the tip of the left-hand needle into the 2 stitches you just slipped to the right-hand needle and pass them over the stitch you just knitted.

More Information

Also called a "centered double decrease (CDD)," this decrease is symmetrical. Reduces 3 stitches into 1.

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