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Portuguese Knit Stitch

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Portuguese Knitting

A lot of knitters are affected by arthritis pain. It limits the time they can knit. The Portuguese knit stitch is an easier way to knit, with less finger movement and easier tension. Finally enjoy knitting again!

Video: Portuguese Knit Stitch

The Portuguese Knit Stitch


To tension your yarn for Portuguese knitting, hold the needle with the stitches to be knit in your left hand.
From the needle, wrap the working yarn around the back of your neck, or a knitting pin pinned to your shirt, from left to right. Weave the yarn lightly through the fingers of your right hand. From your right hand the yarn will go to the ball of yarn.
Tension can be controlled by pushing your hands away from you or bringing them closer, as well as feeding more yarn from the ball through the fingers of your right hand and readjusting the distance from your hands to your neck/knitting pin.

To do the Portuguese knit stitch, place the right-hand needle tip at the first stitch. The yarn should come from the left needle, over the top of the right needle, and around the left side of your neck/knitting pin.

  1. Insert the right needle through the first stitch on the left needle from front to back. Keep the right needle in front of the left-hand needle.
  2. With your left thumb, push the yarn away from you over the top of the right needle-tip.
  3. Rotate the right needle-tip to the right to catch the yarn.
  4. Push your hands away from you to maintain the yarn under slight tension.
  5. Scoop the right needle-tip to the left, pushing the loop of yarn through the stitch on the left needle. The right-hand needle comes through the left side of the stitch on the left-hand needle.
  6. Remove the stitch from the left-hand needle, stitch slides to right-hand needle.
  7. The yarn is now coming from the right-hand needle, over the top of the needle.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7.

More Information

Learn and practice the Portuguese purl stitch before you learn the knit stitch. In Portuguese knitting, the purl stitch is the basic stitch.

Note that the movements and yarn positioning for the Portuguese knit stitch can seem counterintuitive. Watch the video to make sure you're doing it right.

Learn Everything There is to Know about Portuguese Knitting!
Visit our Portuguese Knitting Page.

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