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M1R – Make One Right

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Video: M1R – Make One Right

A mirror image of Make One Left in both appearance and execution, this increase leans to the right.


  1. Spread your needles apart a little bit until you can see the little ladder in between the stitches.
  2. Using your right-hand needle, scoop the ladder onto your left-hand needle, with the left-hand needle going under the loop from back to front.
  3. Use your finger to to make a little room in front of the front loop of the new loop.
  4. Knit this new stitch through the front loop.
  5. The result: an increase whose front leg looks like it leans to the right.

The Finished M1R – Make One Right

More Information

If you look closely at what you’ve just made, you’ll make some discoveries.

  1. See the little twisted stitch? That’s the ladder you picked up and knitted into. When you knit into the back loop of a stitch, it twists it, which also tightens it up a little bit.

  2. See how the front leg of the twisted stitch leans to the right? That’s why this stitch is called the make one right.
  3. If you knit several more stitches and look back at the increase, you’ll see that it looks like it’s coming out of nowhere. That’s why it’s called an invisible increase.

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