Video: LTCO – Long-Tail Cast-On

The Long-Tail Cast-On is a great all-around cast-on.

Use it to begin every project, unless the directions or your further cast-on knowledge specify otherwise.

Abbreviation: LTCO



  1. Start with a long tail
  2. Make a slipknot in your yarn and put it on the needle. This is the first stitch.
  3. Position the yarn in your left hand. One strand goes over your finger, the other over the thumb.

To Cast On

  1. Catch the strand of yarn on your thumb.
  2. Catch the strand of yarn on your index finger.
  3. Pull that loop through the one on your thumb.
  4. Let go of your thumb yarn and get back in position.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 until you have cast on as many stitches as you want.

The Finished LTCO – Long-Tail Cast-On

More Information

Tip: Put either strand of yarn over your thumb. For this cast-on, It doesn’t matter which finger has the tail yarn and which one has the working yarn. Either way is fine.

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