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Video: Gauge – How to Check Your Gauge on Flat Knitting

KNITFreedom - How To Measure or Check Your Gauge in Knitting
KNITFreedom - How To Measure or Check Your Gauge in Knitting

Gauge is the number of knit stitches and rows that fit into a specified unit of measurement, usually one inch (2.5 cm). It’s important because if your stitches are too big or too small, your project will be too big or too small.

Checking your gauge is as easy as knitting a small sample square, called a swatch, and placing a ruler or a gauge-checker over the fabric, and counting how many stitches there are in a few inches, and then dividing by the number of inches to get the average number of stitches per inch.

Here are my tips for knitting a swatch and checking your gauge.

Make a swatch (a small square of knitting at least 3 inches wide), block it, and then check your gauge. If your stitches are too small, use a needle one size bigger. If your stitches are too big, use a needle one size smaller.

You don't always have to check your gauge (I know, you won't anyway), but please do it on projects that you really need to fit a certain size. Watch the video to see how it's done.


  1. Knit a Stockinette-stitch swatch at least 2 inches x 2 inches. Block if blocking finished piece.
  2. Lay a ruler over the stitches. Count how many stitches (columns of Vs) in one inch. That is your gauge.

The Finished Gauge – How to Check Your Gauge on Flat Knitting

More Information

Checking Your Gauge in the Round

To check your gauge in the round, knit a small tube (CO ~20 sts) on Magic Loop and lay your gauge-checker over the stitches to check.

If you will be knitting your project in the round, it's important to check your gauge in the round. Your stitches may not be the same size when you are knitting every round as opposed to flat knitting, where you purl every other row.

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