Magic Loop is the art of using one long circular needle to knit in the round. Invented by Sarah Hauschka, it is an ingenious improvement on other methods of knitting in the round like double-pointed needles. You can knit anything in the round and even do two-at-a-time knitting using Magic Loop. At KnitFreedom we specialize in teaching Magic Loop knitting.

Video Knitting Course: Magic Loop Knitting

Learn to knit in the round using Beverly Galeskas' incredible invention - The Magic Loop. No more double-pointed needles!

If you want to move beyond scarf-knitting to be able to knit hats, sweaters, mittens, and socks easily and with pleasure, this technique is for you.

Video Knitting Course: Mastering Magic Loop Socks

Knitting socks is easy and fun when you use Magic Loop. You can even knit them two-at-a-time! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Learn Magic Loop, Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time Socks, and Top-Down Two-at-a-Time socks in this bundle class that includes 8 different sock patterns for all yarn weights.

Featured Videos

How to Knit in the Round on Basic Magic Loop

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How to Knit in the Round on Basic Magic Loop
magic loop

How to do basic Magic Loop – free video! Use a 40-inch long circular needle to knit anything in the round, quickly and easily. No more double-pointed needles. Finally understand Magic Loop with KnitFreedom’s top video – over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Magic Loop Illustration: Magic Loop

Illustration MagicLoop V1 FullRes

Free and Premium Videos

How to Switch Needles on Magic Loop

Free Video
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How to Switch Needles on Magic Loop
How to Switch Needles on Magic Loop - youtube Video

Keep Your Loops of Magic Loop The Right Size

Premium Video

Purling on Magic Loop (How to Start with a Purl Stitch)

Free Video
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Purling on Magic Loop (How to Start with a Purl Stitch)
Purling on Magic Loop (How to Start with a Purl Stitch) - youtube Video

A KnitFreedom member emailed me and asked,”What if I am starting the round with a purl stitch? I keep messing up!”

Does this sound familiar? If you knit American-style (with the yarn in your right hand), it is easy to get messed up.

The key is making sure the working yarn is underneath your right needle before you begin the stitch. Otherwise you will get an extra loop.

Stop Pulling The First Stitch Too Tight on Magic Loop

Premium Video

Recommended Circular Needles: Addi Turbo by Skacel

Addi Turbo Needles - Closeup of Tips

My favorite circular needles for knitting FAST. The blunt tips don’t hurt your fingertips, and the joins are smooth as silk.

My recommended needle lengths are:
– 47″ for two-at-a-time knitting
– 40″ for anything else on Magic Loop
– 30-47″ for Moebius knitting

Buy Addi Turbo online

Recommended Book: The Magic Loop by Bev Galeskas

The Magic Loop Booklet by Bev Galeskas cover

This amazing book is what started it all for me. In it, Beverly Galeskas clearly explains how to use Sarah Hauschka’s ingenious technique of knitting in the round on one long circular needle.

“Socks and more” is right! Anything you can knit in the round, you can knit on Magic Loop, with no laddering, quickly, easily, and without using DPNs. Hooray! Thanks, Bev and Sarah!

Buy The Magic Loop online

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