In Continental knitting, the yarn is held in the left hand. Continental knitting is fast, ergonomic, and efficient. Many knitters switch from American/English-style knitting to Continental once they discover the benefits.

Video Knitting Course: Continental Knitting

Continental Knitting is the art of knitting with the working yarn in the left hand. It is ergonomic, efficient, and the preferred knitting style of many European knitters.

I learned to knit the traditional way (for Americans), then switched to Continental-style knitting after many years because I loved how fast and easy it was.

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The Continental Knit Stitch

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The Continental Knit Stitch

Blog Post: Top 5 Stretches For Knitting Hand Pain Relief

Myofascial stretch for sore fingersBy Liat Gat – Founder / Continental Knitting, Knitter's Life / December 30, 2011 / 202 Comments
As you may know, knitting late into the night can cause stiffness and hand pain the next day. If you struggle with your finger or hand positioning while knitting, it can be even more uncomfortable. These five stretches bring instant and lasting relief. Read Post »

Blog Post: Continental Knitting Tips – Do You Have the “U?”

By Liat Gat – Founder / Continental Knitting / April 15, 2011 / 29 Comments
When I last taught a friend to knit, I decided to teach him Continental-style from the very beginning to avoid his having to potentially switch later. He struggled with left hand-position, and the tips I show in this video were what helped him improve the most. Read Post »

Blog Post: Purling Tips: How To Purl Continental Style

By Liat Gat – Founder / Continental Knitting / May 13, 2011 / 12 Comments
So many people have been asking for tips on how to purl Continental that I’m giving this Premium video from my class away free here. Purling is the most challenging part of Continental knitting, so go slow and have patience with yourself as you practice. Read Post »

Continental Knitting Illustration: Continental Knitting

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Testimonial: I Fell in Love With Continental and With Liat

In regards to: Continental Knitting, Premium Membership

I came to KnitFreedom specifically to learn Continental style. I was frustrated with throwing because of all the movement and how slow it was for me. I fell in love with Continental and with Liat and I use my KnitFreedom access all the time.
  – Melissa M.

Testimonial: It’s Much Easier and Faster

I had been taught in a knitting class some other way that I didn’t like, and when I saw [your class on Continental Knitting], I watched, practiced, and it’s almost natural and much easier and faster.
  – Janice G.

Testimonial: I Learned How to RELAX While Knitting

I never found knitting relaxing until I learned Continental from you and followed your instructions and learned how to RELAX while knitting!
  – Polly V.

Testimonial: It’s the Only Way I Knit Now

Your videos are how I learned to knit Continental, and it has been a revelation. It's the only way I knit now.
  – Karen H.

Testimonial: I Learned Continental and Was in Heaven!

I’m left-handed and learned how to knit English (throwing with right hand). I took the Super Star classes to perfect my knitting. Then learned Continental and was in heaven! So much more comfortable for me as a lefty and now purling is a breeze!
  – Aida H.

Testimonial: It Totally Made All the Difference

I was very, very new to knitting when I found KnitFreedom. That's where I learned Continental, and it totally made all the difference.
  – Liz P.

Testimonial: Considerably Easier Than I Expected

I made the switch [to Continental Knitting], and I found it considerably easier than I expected. The huge benefit is that I can now knit Fair-Isle Designs two-handed!
  – Amy T.

Testimonial: Knitting Garments Continental Style

I went from knowing nothing at all about knitting to making awesome garments (continental style!) just from your ebooks so thanks!!  :)  You seriously rock!
  – Kristin

Testimonial: Absolutely the Best!

I'm a lefty. I tried for years to be good at knitting, but it was always a struggle. Then I found KnitFreedom and the video showing Continental style knitting was "spot on"! I am knitting and having a lot of fun now! Thanks Liat you are the best. BTW for anyone not sure: Liat's videos are done so well, there is no way you can't "get" what she's teaching. Absolutely the best!
  – Deb L.

Testimonial: So Much Better

I’ve been trying to learn continental knitting for a while, but holding my left pointer straight up in the air (like so many vids on YouTube show) gets uncomfortable after like 2 minutes. Your way is so much better :)
  – nemo1500

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