Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Color-knitting involves knitting with more than one color of yarn. Fair-Isle knitting, mosaic knitting, brioche, and double knitting are all available as video tutorials on KnitFreedom. Other techniques not detailed here but well within your reach are Intarsia and Entrelac.

Video Knitting Course: Brioche Knitting

Brioche Knitting Cover 7 21 22 3 hats blue label

Brioche knitting can be hard to get used to and it's tricky to know how to fix your mistakes. Plus, the new abbreviations can throw you off. But it's so worth learning this knitting technique because the projects you can knit are really stunning.

Video Knitting Course: Charts Demystified

Charts Demystified covera

Charts are full of symbols that can be confusing and hard to remember. But they also allow you to knit complex patterns easily. With over 7 hours of video, our Charts Demystified video class teaches you everything you need to know about knitting from knit-and-purl, lace, cable, Fair-Isle, Intarsia, double-knitting, duplicate stitch, and Mosaic charts so that you can approach any charted pattern with confidence.

Video Knitting Course: Color Knitting

Color Knitting sm

Knitting with two yarn colors at once can be intimidating and even physically challenging. Our courses cover every possible mistake so all your color-knitting projects come out gorgeous.

Video Knitting Course: Double Knitting

Two-sided knitting involves specific new knitting techniques. Master double knitting from a chart so that even complex projects are simple.

Video Knitting Course: Fair-Isle Knitting

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Because holding two or more colors at once can be awkward as you learn how to manage the tension of each stitch, I've created a video class teaching you all the secrets of confident Fair-Isle knitting.

Video Knitting Course: Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic Knitting

While Mosaic knitting starts out simple, you'll need to know how to keep good tension and catch and fix beginner-to-advanced mistakes in order to knit any Mosaic project out there.

Blog Post: Ladder-Back Jacquard – Stretchy Solution for Fair-Isle Floats

Heart Pattern - Ladder Back Jacquard (Right Side)By Liat Gat – Founder / Advanced Knitting, Color Knitting, Fair-Isle Knitting / March 7, 2022 / 8 Comments

Fair-Isle knitting is notorious for being difficult on socks and motifs that leave long floats. It just doesn’t stretch enough. The Ladder-Back Jacquard technique is a way of knitting your floats into a loose material on the back of your work that lets it stretch.

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Free Pattern: Bulky Felted Fair-Isle Bag for Beginners

KnitFreedom Fair-Isle bag

This Fair-Isle felted bag pattern is an easy pattern for learning two-color knitting. Felt the bag in the washer to make a soft and sturdy purse or knitting project bag.

Free Pattern: Double Knit Heart or Checkerboard Scarf – Super-Bulky Weight

Learn to double-knit with this easy charted heart-or-checkerboard scarf pattern. Knit up in a super-bulky wool, the project goes quickly so you can see your progress.

Free Pattern: Featherweight Two-Color Brioche Scarf for Men

Brioche stitch can be heavy and dense. In this two-color flat brioche knitting scarf pattern, laceweight yarn is held double, creating a light-as-a-feather brioche scarf for men.

Free Pattern: Stripes Brigade Mosaic Throw Pillow – Bulky Weight

An easy mosaic throw pillow pattern that is perfect for beginners learning the mosaic knitting technique. If you can knit and purl, you can make this pillow.

Free Pattern: Two-Color Basic Brioche Hat

This basic Brioche hat is great for learning two-color brioche in the round. It features a no-roll brim that uses the Chinese Waitress Cast-On. The hat is reversible with perfect overlapping decreases at the crown.

Color Knitting Abbreviations

MC – Main Color
DC – Dark color
LC – Light color
CC – Contrasting Color

Free and Premium Videos

Starburst Stitch Tutorial

Premium Video
Starburst Stitch

To do the popular Starburst Cowl, learn the Starburst Stitch with this in-depth tutorial. With a tricky section of Knit 5 Togethers, you’ll want to follow my tips to make the cowl project easy and fun.

Recommended Book: Mosaic Knitting by Barbara Walker

Mosaic Knitting book by Barbara Walker

The definitive guide to mosaic knitting, by mosaic inventor Barbara Walker. The book contains a thorough explanation of how slip-stitch knitting (knitting with one color in each row) works and why. Includes written patterns and charts for 380 mosaic designs that you can add to your own projects.

This is the book I studied from before creating our own video course on the topic.

Buy Mosaic Knitting online

Testimonial: I Can’t Believe How Simple The Process Is

In regards to: Mosaic Knitting

Not being a particularly adventurous knitter, I’ve never considered attempting mosaic knitting. I just assumed it was hard! You just proved that with a good teacher, and a good video tutorial, most any kind of knitting is doable. I didn’t knit the swatch, but I did watch the video all the way through (knitting in my head), and can’t believe how simple the process is. Again, thank you so much for sharing your time and experience. :-)
  – Renna H.

Testimonial: Can’t Wait to Start Other Fair-Isle Projects

In regards to: Fair-Isle Knitting

Bought the "Fair-Isle ebook" from Liat Gat/KnitFreedom – I can really recommend it to anyone who is new to Fair-Isle knitting. After taking the online video class I can’t wait to start other Fair-Isle projects.
  – alterbridge on Ravelry

Testimonial: OUT-STANDING! !

In regards to: Brioche Knitting

I love, Love, LOVE your Brioche course. I feel like it has already paid for itself with just the little tips alone that you have passed along so far. Not once have I had a problem seeing or understanding what you were doing or explaining. And it began in such an understandable and methodical way. Everything keeps building on what was previously covered… And the videos are OUT-STANDING! !
  – Chuck D., Chesapeake, VA

Testimonial: Amazing Results on First Attempt

In regards to: Double Knitting

I recently watched your tutorials on double knitting and they were so helpful and the results (even on my first attempt) are amazing so far. :D

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