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Use the cast-ons in this section to add stitches in the middle of ribbed projects or any project where you need a very elastic edge.

Free and Premium Videos

Chinese Waitress Cast-On Crochet Version

Free Video
Chinese Waitress Cast-On Crochet Version
Chinese Waitress Cast-On Crochet Version

Chinese Waitress Cast-On – Shortcut

Free Video
Chinese Waitress Cast-On – Shortcut
Chinese Waitress Cast-On – Shortcut

Un-twisting each stitch on the Chinese Waitress Cast-On takes time. This video shows how to twist the needle so you can continue casting on without having to remove it and un-twist each stitch with your fingers.

Use Chinese Waitress Cast-On to Cast On in the Middle of a Project

Casting on more stitches in the middle of a project can feel strange if you’ve never done it before. This video shows you how to cast on extra stitches using the Chinese Waitress cast-on so you can have a stretchy, reversible edge in the middle of your project.

What Most People Get Wrong About the Chinese Waitress Cast On

Most tutorials don’t teach you how to un-twist each Chinese Waitress Cast-On stitch correctly, which leads to a less-stretchy cast-on. This video shows you how to do it the right way, so that your Chinese Waitress Cast-On is as stretchy as it should be.

Chinese Waitress Cast-On in the Round

If you’re new to Magic Loop, doing the Chinese Waitress Cast-On in the round can seem overwhelming. This video shows you every step so you can cast on for your next hat with confidence.

Chinese Waitress Cast On OFFICIAL VIDEO

Most tutorials teach the Chinese Waitress Cast-On wrong. This officially sanctioned video shows the correct technique so you can create a beautiful, reversible, stretchy cast-on.

Chinese Waitress Cast On Continental Style

When you do the Chinese Waitress Cast-On Continental-style, the stitches can tend to slip off your needles. Here’s how to stabilize your stitches so that you can do the Chinese Waitress Cast-On without having to tension the yarn in your right hand.

Difference Between Chinese Waitress Cast-On Edge – Right and Wrong Way

The Chinese Waitress Cast-On done the way you normally see it taught leaves a twisted, less-stretchy edge than the author intended. This video shows the difference between the Chinese Cast-On edge when done the right way and the wrong way so that you can know why it’s important to knit it the right way.

Chinese Waitress – the Perfect Cast-On for Garter Stitch

Ordinary cast-ons are not reversible and don’t look amazing on Garter stitch. This video compares the Chinese Waitress Cast-On and the Long-Tail Cast-On on Garter stitch so you can see why the Chinese Waitress Cast-On should be your go-to cast-on for Garter stitch.

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