Blog Post: The Garter Tab Cast-On for Triangular Shawls

Garter Tab Cast OnBy Liat Gat – Founder / Cast-Ons, Center-Start Cast-Ons / April 29, 2013 / 86 Comments

The Garter Tab Cast-On is an ingenious way to invisibly start a triangular shawl. Since most triangular shawls have a small garter-stitch border, you can use this cast-on to invisibly set up your stitches for knitting the triangle from the center-out.

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Blog Post: How To Knit Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast-On

Doily with Emily Ocker's circular cast-onBy Liat Gat – Founder / Cast-Ons, Center-Start Cast-Ons / April 9, 2013 / 79 Comments

Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast-On is an easy and invisible way to cast on in the center of a circular project. It creates a drawstring-like circle that you can pull tight so that there’s no hole in the center of your project.

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Blog Post: Tips for Knitting: Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart

Habitation Throw by Helen StewartBy Liat Gat – Founder / Center-Start Cast-Ons / June 8, 2021 / No Comments

The way to start this throw, and almost any lace shawl, is with the Garter-Tab cast-on. It starts the lace completely invisibly and gets your stitches set up correctly to knit the rest of the shawl. Here’s a free video on the Garter Tab Cast-On so you can start any lace shawl perfectly and with confidence.

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