The bind-offs in this section all have one thing in common: they are used to join two live pieces of knitting and bind them off at the same time.

Seaming Bind-Offs Illustration: Kitchener Stitch

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Russian Grafting (Blog)

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Russian Grafting (Blog)
Russian Grafting (Blog)

This is a really easy and fast way to close live stitches, without using a tapestry needle. It just requires a crochet hook and a secret move at the beginning to get things set up right.

Russian Grafting (Bind-Offs Class)

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Russian Grafting is a clever alternative to Kitchener stitch. It uses a crochet hook to seam up two live edges of knitting without ever having to get out your tapestry needle. It also creates a decorative, criss-crossed finish.

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