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Frequently Asked Questions

We've gotten some great questions so far in our Knitalong Welcome! thread, and I wanted to share the most frequent questions and answers here in case you were wondering the same thing.

1. Can I Do Two-at-a-Time? - Yes!

Midnattsol Norwegian Felted SlippersYou can knit these slippers two-at-a-time if you like! You’ll still be knitting flat, keep in mind.

You’ll just knit across one slipper row with one yarn, and then across the same row on the other slipper with the other yarn.

2. Can I Knit the Slippers in a Single Color? - Yes!

Nest Yarn at ImagiknitYou can absolutely knit the slippers in just one color.

One thing that will help is marking the end of each block as you knit with a stitch marker, even though you will not be changing colors.

So if you are doing the child size, you’re to knit 28 rows before “changing colors” even though you’ll just continue knitting with the same yarn. You’ll count your rows along with the video, and just put a stitch marker in every 28 rows.

When you’re preparing your seams, this will make it easier to see where the block edges are.

3. Can I Use Circular Needles? - Yes!

You can knit this flat project back and forth on circular needles.

No need to buy straight needles for this project if you are comfortable using your circulars to knit flat.

4. My Yarn Isn't 100% Wool. Can I Test My Yarn To See If It Will Felt? I Don't Have A Washing Machine. - Yes!

Felting by HandIf you would like to use yarn you already have and it's not 100% wool, you can test to see if it will felt anyway.

Students have had luck with 70% wool/30%-something-else blends, so your yarn may work, too!

Just knit a swatch, measure its size, and then follow your class's felting-by-hand directions to felt your swatch in hot water in the sink. You can also try using the washer.

See if it shrinks. If the stitches disappear and the swatch shrinks to about 60-70% of its original size, you can use that yarn.

5. Can I Use Worsted Yarn? - Yes!

Fynn Worsted Superwash Merino Yarn at ImagiknitYou can use worsted yarn without a problem. If you have size 11 needles you can use size 11s.

You may end up felting the slippers a bit longer so that they shrink down to size. There’s so much variation that happens when felting that you really have a lot of leeway as to what yarn and needles you use.

Any Questions? Leave a Comment

If you have any questions, leave a comment here or on any knitalong lesson, or just hit "reply" to any knitalong email you receive. Looking forward to knitting with you!

11 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

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  1. I have the worsted yarn, and the pattern is for regular toe up sock, and I have 20 stitches on each needle, is 40 stitches total, and I’m ready to do the gusset increase, how many rolls will I have to increase for the worsted yarn. The pattern says to add 62 stitches, which is for the regular sock yarn. Order the kit for this class

    1. Hi Linda,

      It’s great to hear from you. I’m sorry I’m a bit unclear on your question. Are you referring to a KnitFreedom sock pattern? Or a pattern by someone else?

      If this is not a KnitFreedom pattern, can you tell me the name of it and the link to it on Ravelry?

      If this is a KnitFreedom pattern, please make sure to download the pattern for worsted yarn which will tell you how many stitches to increase to for the gusset.

      Here is the link:

      I hope this helps!


      Liat Gat

  2. Hi, Knit Freedom,
    I’ve completed one strip for a slipper in the largest size. It seemed like the slipper was very big (pre-felted). I haven’t sewn the strip into a slipper yet.
    I’ve never felted before, so I did a test swatch a trivet with the same yarn (Walkabout, DK), same # 10 needle.
    I started felting yesterday with the finished test swatch in a mesh bag with a pair of jeans in the washer. The stiches became “fuzzy” but no change in size of swatch, stitches visible , not thickened, still elastic.
    Today I agitated it (the trivet sample)., by hand in a bucket. It has shrunk some to be thicker in center of trivet, corners not as shrunken. Picture attached.
    It looks like it needs to shrink a bunch more for the garters stitch strip to be a slipper with a finished length of 10.5 inches
    Any suggestions? Basically the washer didn’t shrink the test “trivet” much at all. Agitating it by hand ~ 1/2 hr, did shrink it per picture, but it still looks big

    1. Hi Mary!

      I love that you’re doing a swatch and test-felt to get some good practice in :) Keep agitating it, or maybe even run it through the dryer for a few minutes. I’ve had experiences where I felted slippers multiple times to keep shrinking them down to the right fit (or sometimes too small because they escaped in the laundry). Maybe try experimenting on your swatch a few more times before felting your slippers?

      Another thing to look at is sizing to see if you’re making the best size for your feet. The largest size option for this pattern fits a women’s shoe size 10, which may be big if you wear a smaller shoe size.

      Thanks for reaching out Mary. Keep us posted! :)

  3. I have a suggestion, though there may already be a video/class in the premium section though I haven’t had time to read all of the books. Could you do a video on how to match up varigated or self-patterning yarns. I’ve tried several times and I can just never get close to finding the pattern in the yarn at one part of the ball (or another ball) and the starting point of the yarn coming out of the ball. I’ve pulled yards and yards to see if I could find the pattern. No joy.

    1. Hey Darlene,
      Great suggestion! Thank you! We do not already have a video on this topic. I’ll add this to our list and do my best to make it happen. I’ve had other students struggle with the same thing.

  4. Another knitting question! As I’m knitting all in one colour, I’m carefully marking the rows but it looks as if the length of the number of rows required (38) does not match the width of the the stitches that I’m knitting (19) 🤔 Should I reduce the number of rows in each block to match the width of the knitted stitches?

    By the way, I *love* the new format of the Home


    1. Mary Claire Phillips - KnitFreedom Knitting Expert

      Hi Jane!

      So glad you like the new home page – we’re excited for how it highlights this awesome KAL. As for the pattern – no need to alter the pattern as all the math has been done for you already. Stitch and row gauge often vary. The amount of rows to create an inch is often greater than the amount of stitches to create an inch. So when you felt your slipper, everything will line up!

      Thanks for reaching out :)

    1. Elias - KnitFreedom Customer Happiness

      Hi Betsy,

      Thanks for your question!

      You can check all the lessons if you click on “My Knitalong” in the upper menu bar. Also, you can find all the info in the Felted Slippers class. You should have received some email by now about the Knitalong since you are subscribed. I hope that helps!


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