Knitters who have questions waste too much time searching on YouTube.

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Go from insecure and unorganized to Knitting Superstar

We eliminate wasted time by offering a huge library of time-saving professional videos that can transform anyone into a Knitting Superstar.

Transform Your Knitting With Our “Become-a-Better-Knitter” Plan

Become a Successful Knitter in 4 Simple Steps:

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Transforming your knitting starts with a simple 4-step process we call our “Become-a-Better-Knitter Plan”

Which KnitFreedom Product Is Right For You?

Which KnitFreedom Product Should I Buy?

Our 100% Money-Back Happiness and Joy Guarantee

KnitFreedom's Happiness and Joy Guarantee
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We understand how mind-numbing it is to watch dozens of blurry, rambling, too-fast, and often incorrect YouTube videos just to try to understand how to do a technique.

You want answers to your knitting questions.

Don’t get stuck…
  • Wasting your precious knitting time sifting through videos that may or may not answer your question,
  • Listening to grating voices and pausing and re-watching videos that go too fast,
  • Investing in video classes just to find you can’t ask the teacher questions, and
  • Not being able to organize your videos for later reference.

You should enjoy your knitting time.

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Time-wasting videos on YouTube keep you from enjoying your precious knitting time and learning what you want to learn.

FINALLY Knitting in Magic Loop

Your instructions have FINALLY allowed me to knit in Magic Loop. So many other websites were confusing in their terminology of top vs bottom needles. Your rate of speech is so calming as well. You are a very good teacher who has given me the confidence to begin my first project of fingerless mitts with thumbs via the Magic Loop!

โ€“ Marga H.

Listen to new retiree Judi J.’s transformation from dabbler to knitter making sweaters and socks.
[KnitFreedom] Judi J.'s Transformation As a Knitter
[KnitFreedom] Judi J.'s Transformation As a Knitter

I Am a More Confident and Adventurous Knitter Now

This video is perfection! Perfect explanation and perfect camera angles combined with perfect commentary! Thank you so much for all your wonderful explanations and demonstrations ~ I am a more confident and adventurous knitter now thanks to Liat! ๐Ÿงถ ๐Ÿ’•

โ€“ Jeanette J.

I Love Listening to Your Voice Both Literally and Figuratively

Liat, I love listening to your voice both literally and figuratively. The messages you send--that it's all right, that you can fix your mistakes, that things don't have to be perfect--all resonate.

โ€“ Susan S.

With KnitFreedom Premium, You Will…

  • Have an organized library of professional knitting videos โ€“ hundreds of techniques at your fingertips,
  • Feel happy, calm, and confident; ready to tackle any knitting project,
  • Blissfully spend your knitting time overcoming challenges and mistakes with ease and confidence, and
  • Discover that you really have what it takes to be a calm, confident knitter.

Ready To Experience Your Transformation as a Knitter?

What You’re Dealing With Now:

  • Wasting tons of time sifting through videos on YouTube,
  • Having to watch blurry, unprofessional videos,
  • Not being able to really see what the teacher is showing, and
  • Unfinished projects languishing under the bed forever.

You In The Future:

  • Calmly knitting your way through hundreds of advanced projects,
  • Tackling sweaters, socks, and lace shawls with ease,
  • Finally understanding what you’re doing and why, and
  • Feeling self-confident that you’ve really made it as a knitter.

Your Transformation Awaits


Insecure, Unorganized Knitter Unsure Of Where To Go For Help

Transforms to


Happy, Confident Knitter Ready To Knit The Projects Of Your Dreams

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