Beginning of Round

The place where you started the round. Usually your tail yarn can be found here.

Contrasting Color

The color of yarn that is not the main color. Often this is a secondary accent color, but not always. See main color, above.


Combine two or more stitches into one so that your project gets narrower.


“How big your stitches are and how big they should be to make your project come out the right size.

Gauge is measured in stitches per inch or as the number of stitches in 4 in./10 cm.”

In Pattern

According to the same stitch pattern you’ve been following.


Add more stitches to your needle to make your knitted project wider.

Main Color

The color of yarn that you or the pattern designer has designated as the main color. This color doesn’t necessarily have to be more dominant in the pattern than any other color. It’s just important to keep straight which one is which, usually by writing it down.

Multiple (Noun)

The number of stitches in a repeating section of a stitch pattern. Multiples are used to calculate various options for cast-on numbers, so that you can knit a stitch pattern in more than one width.

Right Side

The side of your knitting intended to be visible when the project is worn.

Round (Noun)

The circular row of stitches formed when you work around your stitches one time. Applies to knitting in the round.

Turn Work

To flip your knitting so that the other side is facing you. On flat knitting, you have to turn your work after you finish every row. In pattern instructions, “turn your work” is shortened to “turn.”

Work Even

Work the stitches exactly as they are: knit a knit stitch, purl a purl stitch, and slip a slipped stitch.

Wrong Side

The side of your knitting intended to be hidden when the project is worn


Yarn length. This can refer to
1) How many yards of yarn a ball of yarn contains or
2) The length of yarn required to knit a project.

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