American/English-Style Knitting

Knitting with the working yarn in your right hand.

Flat Knitting

Knitting back and forth on straight needles to make a piece of knitting that is flat. Examples of things that are knit flat are scarves, dishcloths, and baby blankets. The opposite of flat knitting is round knitting (knitting in the round).

Mosaic Knitting

A way of using slipped stitches to create a color design. The trick is that, even though you are using two or more colors, you knit with only one color at at time. This makes mosaic knitting an ideal colorwork technique for beginners.

Continental Knitting

Knitting with the working yarn in your left hand.


Knitting with multiple colors to make a design.

Knitting Flat

Flat Knitting

In the Round

Worked on double-pointed or circular needles, forming a tube.

Round Knitting

Knitting in the Round
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