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We’re Expecting! Liat Is Going on Maternity Leave

Liat Gat - Founder

July 31, 2019

Liat Gat and Juan Carlos Garcia Murillo on Wedding Day in San Pancho in front of green bench

We’re Pregnant!

Wonderful news, dear KnitFreedom readers! It’s been a secret until now, but for the last nine months that I’ve been working on KnitFreedom and updating the site for you, I’ve been pregnant.

This will be my husband’s (yes, I got married, too!) and my first child, and we are expecting him or her any day now. Our official due date is August 12, 2019.

I will be going on maternity leave starting the day of this post, and I won’t be answering knitting questions in the forum, by email, or Facebook until I come back. Not to worry, however. Candy, our lovely Customer Happiness Guru, will be attending to your customer service questions 24/7. She will also be able to get ahold of me for any extra-difficult customer service questions.

I expect to be wholly focused on our new baby for at least three months. At the same time, I have been gathering my filming equipment down here in Mexico so that when I’ve recovered, I’ll be able to start filming new videos for you.

Group Pregnancy Wedding Photo 72219 San Pancho Mexico
Liat and Carlos on our wedding day (July 22, 2019) with our witnesses Andrés and Emy

About the Pregnancy

We don’t know the sex of the baby! It is going to be a surprise. We are planning a water birth. Being pregnant in summer in Mexico has been wonderful! And I’m so glad it’s almost over.

About Our Marriage

Juan Carlos Garcia Murillo, from La Peñita, Nayarit, Mexico, and I got married in a tiny civil ceremony on July 22, 2019, after dating for exactly three years. Yes, we got married on our anniversary! The photos from today’s post are from our wedding in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico.

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176 thoughts on “We’re Expecting! Liat Is Going on Maternity Leave”

  1. Congratulations, Li!!!! Y te casaste nomás! :)
    Muchas felicidades a ambos!!!!
    Te escribí por tu cumple, no sé si lo viste.
    Abrazo enorme y que tengas un parto hermoso!

  2. Stacey Hawthorne

    Congrats! I am a newly wed too! Sept 1 will be 1 yr…its so exciting! Having a baby is exciting too. All the best to you, hubby and baby!

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy Liat, and on your marriage. I wish you both (and baby) all the best for your future happiness. Take care, love Jenny xx

  4. Congratulations on both your baby and your marriage! I hope you enjoy your time off with both of them. Wishing you all the best!

  5. That’s so wonderful!!! Congratulations to you and your new husband, Carlos! You make such a nice looking couple, and your baby is going to be beautiful. You will be super busy for awhile, but once you get settled in, please share some photos of the baby with us. I wish you well, and may God bless you and your new family.

  6. Congratulations on your marriage (my birthday too) and your precious baby (due on my granddaughter’s birthday!) I am so excited for you and your hubby!

  7. ¡Felicitaciones! If you go to Mexico City, visit one of my friend’s vegan Japanese restaurants, V-Ramen, and tell them Sonia’s friend Susan from Canada sent you.
    Todo de bien! Now teach us to knit baby things.

  8. Oh my goodness, what exciting news for you and your new family. Best wishes to all three of you. You will be missed.

  9. Congratulations on your marriage and wish you the very best with your baby. We will miss you but the joy of having a baby cannot be measured.
    Wish you the very best in life and motherhood.
    Daphne Perera

  10. Renna_Gayle_Knits

    Congratulations, Liat! I am so happy for you. With your striking beauty and your husband’s good looks, that is going to be one beautiful baby! I’m glad to hear you’re going to devote the first three months to tending to your new little one. That is so important. God bless you and your little family!

  11. What joyous news and photos! Congratulations on your marriage and baby due any minute! Wishing you both every happiness. :)

  12. Barbara LeBlanc

    Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov on both your occasions. I wish all of you a very joyous, healthy, and long life together.

  13. Rosann Stickford

    Congratulations! This is double exciting news and I am so happy for you both. I’ll be waiting to hear of birthdate, gender, and name.

  14. BUONA FORTUNA…………… Best news. Congratulations on your wedding….. Blessings to you both. AND………….so so excited for you both, as you become blessed with a baby.
    Wowser…………. what a feeling to be sending you so many hugs from my heart to your hearts as you await this precious gift from God.
    Again……….. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs…..

  15. Congrats on your great news! Y’all’s lives will never be the same…..it will be better.
    I can’t wait to see your new bebe, you are gorgeous and your hubby is a hottie…..that bebe is going to be too cute for words.
    Enjoy your blessing and try to forget your internet life!!!
    We’ll miss you, but we’ll get though this :-)
    Kelly Jones

  16. Liat, I am SO very thrilled for you!! I wish you all good things on this next adventure. Sending you SO MUCH LOVE and joy!

  17. WOW! You could not have surprised me more! How wonderful for you and your husband! Congratulations on your marriage and your baby! How very exciting!

    Now you will be knitting booties and other little goodies for your beloved child. :0)

  18. Such a wonderful surprise! Congratulations!! Would love to see all the lively things you have knit for this little precious newcomer!!

  19. Congrats on your marriage and exciting journey of your soon to welcome baby! Wishing you and your family love, joy and remember to ‘enjoy the ride’!

  20. Congratulations to your new and exciting and life altering journey! How wonderful! I wish you a beautiful delivery for you and your baby. Blessings to you and your Husband!

  21. So happy for the both of you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Feel closer to you as I’ve spent time in both La Penita and SAN Poncho.

  22. Many prayers for a beautiful life, congratulations to you and Carlos and baby. My your delivery be quick and my you be blessed with a health baby, boy or girl. I know that either will bring you much joy along with many sleepless nights ( all worth it in the end).

  23. Congratulations! So happy to hear your wonderful news. Blessings to you and your husband and your baby!

  24. Congratulations, Liat! This is such wonderful news. I wish you and your family good health, prosperity, and much happiness!

  25. Angie F Cothran

    So happy for you and your new family. I really enjoy your videos and I’m sure we will be able to survive with a little help from your friends while you enjoy your new baby. Blessings to you and yours.

  26. Donna (Woytovich) Chenault

    Oh my goodness Liat❣️ That’s absolutely AWESOME news❣️ I’m so excited for you and your handsome hubby❣️ I can only imagine the darling baby items you’ve been knitting ❣️Such a lucky little baby with you for a mom❣️ I’ll be thinking of you in the weeks to come and anxiously awaiting the good news…ITS A BOY/GIRL❣️❣️ God bless you, your baby and of course Carlos too❣️❣️❣️

  27. Naomi Griffiths

    Another wonderful creation! Best wishes to you and your family. Your are right to concentrate on your baby – enjoy.

  28. Sincere congratulations to you both and your families
    What an exciting time
    You have been apart of my life for over 6 years & been thru many up &downs with me, this is one of the best experiences to have and share with your hubby I sincerely wish you both the best Candy is amazing and will handle everything just fine on the knitfreedom front, so relax dear friend and embrace all that’s coming being a mom was the greatest and is still, no matter what others say hun this time so by too fast try to embrace everything make wonderful memories and most importantly enjoy

    All the best

  29. Muchas felicidades! I hope that everything goes well for you and your new family! Do you actually live in Mexico?

  30. I’m so thrilled for you and Carlos – so much joy! Congratulations to you both.
    Enjoy your maternity leave and I really hope everything goes exactly the way you wish for the birth – be prepared to ‘go with the flow’, though – babies haven’t read the books! Enjoy those early weeks, take every opportunity to snuggle your baby, they don’t stay that tiny for long. Best wishes! xx

  31. The happiest of news! I am delighted about all of it! We are happy to know you will be having joy with your new baby and with your husband and we will be happy when you are ready to return. You made the world brighter today by sharing your joy with us!

  32. Congratulations Liat and Juan Carlos! May your marriage and your little one be strong and healthy!! God’s blessings on your family!!!
    Joan Kline

  33. How exciting!! Congratulations to you and Carlos on your wedding and may you have a wonderful life together. How blessed you both are to soon welcome your newest family member. Wishing you all the best Liat and Carlos. Enjoy your time off as your memories explode. Looking forward to more good news!!

  34. Congratulations on both your marriage and your pregnancy. Blessings to you and Carlos. Wishing you an easy delivery of a healthy baby. Aloha… Bev

  35. How wonderful for you and your husband! Please let us know when you are able, how you and your child are doing! I wish you and the baby great health, and from the second your eyes meet you will be forever entwined in the most special love and bond imaginable. Blessings to you! You will be in my thoughts.❤️

  36. Congratulations and best wishes!!!! I will miss you, but know you will be having a wonderful experience with your new family.

  37. Congratulations to you and your husband on your marriage and the baby who is soon to join the family.
    Such happy events!

  38. Barbara Schmidt

    Congratulations on your marriage and baby on the way! July 22 is my son’s and my nephew’s birthday. A special day indeed.

  39. Oh my! So very happy for everyone! CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage and wow! … now a baby? Thank you for sharing photos … looking forward to more!

  40. Congratulations, dear Liat! Wishing you and Carlos a long and happy married life! How wonderful that you are starting a family – and just think of all the beautiful things you can knit for your husband and sweet baby!!! :-)

    Best to you always, my dear friend!

  41. Congratulations to you both! It’s so fun not knowing if it’s a boy or a girl! I hope everything goes well for your birth plan. Even if it strays a bit, you still get the prize. Enjoy your time as a new little family.

  42. Mary Ann Norris

    I want to wish you all the best for this new chapter in your life. You are a great teacher and your enthusiasm is wonderful. Its nice to see you all so happy. This little one will be lucky to have you and your husband for parents. Enjoy each moment, you deserve much happiness.
    Best from a big fan,
    Mary Ann

  43. Congratulations and best of luck on your new adventure. Wishing you sleep filled nights and smiling days

  44. Congratulations on both accounts Liat. Wishing you & your husband much happiness & blessings to your little bundle of joy.

  45. Congratulations best wishes for you and your family I know that your little one will be a very lovely baby and you and your husband will truly enjoy your little bundle of love

  46. Elizabeth Pace

    Congratulations!!! On the baby and the wedding and everything! We can’t wait to hear what sex the little one is. Wishing you all the best, and praying for a fairly easy birth and healthy baby!!!

  47. Raymond Stephenson

    Actually I’m Joyce Stephenson, but that’s okay, he’s been my husband for 58 years and that’s the best. Wishing the two of you the best as husband and wife for many years ahead and as you approach becoming Mom and Papa. May your delivery be quick and easy and enjoy three delightful months as the beginning of love with your baby as family. We all will await photos of the three of you together.

  48. Congratulations Juan Carlos and Liat on your expanding family!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure the Son or Daughter that is coming will be a smart and talented as you are!
    BTW My B-Day is August 12th also! Best of Luck!

  49. Margie Jarrett

    Congratulations on both your marriage and your expected little one. I’m so excited and happy for you. Take this time to enjoy motherhood.

  50. Hey Liat! I am SO happy for you and your husband! I am sure that you will have many happy memories of the day you were married and the day you give birth! I bet you already have a lot of baby things knitted for your baby. You have helped me so much over the past 2 years! I thank you for that! I look forward to seeing baby pictures when you can post them!

  51. Liat (and Carlos), I am so happy for you! You taught me how to knit many moons ago when you started your website. I feel like I know you way better than you know me, but I am overjoyed for the upcoming arrival of your baby. I know this must bring you great joy and it’s about time! You deserve it! You have brought all of us joy for so long in the Knitting world and now it’s time for you! I will be praying for your delivery and the health of you and your baby. Many blessings with your new family. P. S. You look radiant!!!

  52. Congratulations Liat! Many happy years to you and your family. We all hope to hear from you again in a few months! Enjoy that baby!

  53. Raquel Zbornik

    How exciting!! Congrats all the way around!!! We can’t wait to hear about the baby!!! Enjoy your time with your Husband & Baby!!!

  54. Congratulations x two!!
    I’m so happy for you both. The joy you and your new family must be experiencing is wonderful news. I wish you and Juan and ??? a long and happy life.

  55. ¡Te felicito en su matrimonio y embarazo! Sending many blessings to you both, prayers for an easy delivery and a healthy baby. Congrats!

  56. Best Wishes to you both and your future little blessing! This is YOUR time now to spend with your new family. You are full of surprises, but that keeps us on our toes. :) Just focus on having a healthy and happy little one to bring more joy to your life than you can ever imagine. Hoping for a safe delivery and all the happiness to you and your husband in your future together!

  57. Congrats all around, dear friend! So glad to hear you’re happy and doing well. We miss you! Love and hugs to you, Juan, and Baby X.

  58. Kristine Hipps

    Congratulations! I’ve been a fan of your tutorials for several years and it’s been nice to have you back. Enjoy every minute of your new adventure!!

  59. Congratulations to you and Carlos….. on your marriage, and Blessings on the birth of your child!

  60. Cynthia Quinlan

    What fantastic news. I’m so happy for you and your husband. Congratulations. I don’t envy you being pregnant in that heat though. OMG…. wishing you happiness and a healthy baby.

    A Knitting Superstar customer,
    Cindy Q.

  61. Congratulations Liat and Carlos. Very happy for you both. Liat thank you for sharing your double news! Your teaching videos are so good and easy to follow. I feel like part of a big family when you share with us your wonderful personal news. Please let us know when the baby arrives. Stay well and sending prayers for you, Carlos and new bub. Such joyful news to read when starting my day in Western Australia. God bless. Tricia Hilton

  62. God’s Blessing for your marriage and and soon to be bundle of joy.
    Life will be full with new hubby and baby…..

  63. Congratulations to you and Juan on your marriage and the expected baby. Good luck for the future and many, many happy years. I have enjoyed your videos and advice for many years.

  64. Congratulations, Liat!!!! You have a handsome husband, and a radiant smile that shares your joy! Take care of yourself, and I look forward to seeing picture (pleeease) of the baby!!!!! ❤️?❤️?❤️

  65. Congratulations on this beautiful blessing! May the good Lord grant you and your husband a safe delivery of your baby!

  66. Congratulations. I wish you much happiness and joy in your new life journey. What a lovely family you will when baby makes three.

  67. Congratulations to you & Juan Carlos on your marriage & impending parenthood!! Wishing you both every happiness & sincere hopes that you have an easy & healthy birth. ???????

  68. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family. Wonderful news! Thank you for including us in your happiness. Looking forward to seeing you again once you are settled into your new routine.

    1. Hilary Benjamin

      Congratulations to you both! Such wonderful news! I send you best wishes and at least as much happiness and delight as you have given us.

  69. Best wishes on your new role as a mommy…. such a blessing and full of joy, smiles and LOVE to you and the soon to be daddy.

  70. Congratulations! Have a safe delivery and enjoy your newborn and your family. Will be watching for your return.

  71. Miles de felicitaciones para ti, Liat, y para Carlos. Que bendicion que tengan un bebe en camino. Una nueva familia! Abrazos :) viv

  72. So happy for you. You are the best knitting instructor I have had the pleasure of learning from. Enjoy this wonderful time in your life, you deserve the best. Congratulations!

  73. Congratulations! That’s wonderful news! And congratulations also for your marriage! Enjoy your time off, with your new baby as the centre of your world. They grow so fast, relish every moment xx

  74. Congratulations Liat…on your wedding and coming gift of joy! Sending blessings and a prayer from Tennessee.

  75. WOOOHOOOO CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you did “good” in the husband department. I hope he’s as good to you as he is good looking. You two are going to have beautiful babies.

  76. Barbara Buchanan

    Congratulations on your nuptials and your baby! Prayers for you and baby.

    This is wonderful news!!!

  77. Congrats Liat, enjoy your baby and take all the time you, hubby and baby need. It will all go so fast. Take lots of pics. Enjoy.

  78. Hey, Liat. What wonderful news! I am sure this little bundle o joy will bring you a lifetime of happiness.

  79. Such happy news! You were a beautiful bride and will be a loving wife and mother, I’m sure. July 22 is a wonderful date to be married. My husband and I just celebrated our 52nd anniversary on your wedding day.

  80. Mary Schrader Furnish

    Such big, exciting news! It’s wonderful and I wish you both the very best as well as the newcomer-to-be. You have been my go-to knitting advisor for years now and it will be exciting when you return with baby in tow. I will miss your clear and calm voice and will turn to the many vids in my file in the meantime.

  81. Congratulations on your wedding and your new baby, , oh Liat so many good things in such a small amount of time, you look absolutely radiant. I am an RN, one gentlemen who was married for 67 years said the key to happiness within a marriage is to perfect saying the words “yes dear” I thought it was very sweet. So many happy yes dears and showers of blessings to you yourhusband and babe, to include all those who love you both. Im not jewish but mazeltov

  82. Ann Marie Joyce

    So very happy for you ; glad to see you fitting in the wonderful personal things in life along with your career and outstanding talent to teach knitting- can a book of curated baby knitting patterns be far behind?

  83. Congratulations Liat! I wish you and Carlos (and your child) all the best. I have never met you (obviously) but feel I have ‘known you’ a long time, from watching your videos over and over. I hope you have been talking to your baby during your pregnancy – your voice is very soothing!
    Health and happiness –
    Carol Bauer

  84. Margaret A Skeans

    Congratulations and so very happy for you and Carlos as you start your new life as parents! You look beautiful Liat! Enjoy being a Mom

  85. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family! Once a tiny creature the size of a canned ham takes over your entire home within hours of her/his arrival, your lives will change drastically and beautifully forever. More joy than can be imagined. :) Enjoy every moment with Carlos and your little one.

  86. What an exciting time for you and your family! Wishing you all the best. This time you and your husband will spend welcoming your new baby is such a special time for all of you! I am sure there are more than a few knit treasures waiting for your special bundle of joy :-)

  87. Mazel Tov all around! I can’t imagine all the beautiful things you’ll be able to knit for the little one!

  88. Patricia Tucker

    Best wishes for your marriage and baby delivery!! It must be so exciting for the both of you.
    Your lives will never be the same!

  89. Congratulations on your wedding and the start of a beautiful family!! All the best to all three of you, it’s going be a fun ride! XOX

  90. Congratulations and very best wishes to you and Carlos as you await the birth of your first child! Such a special time for you! I hope you put your little family first and spend as much time as your heart guides you in connecting with your little one and growing into your new role of mother before worrying about your knitting work. We will always be here; your baby will only be a baby for a short time. Happy mothering! Enjoy! ~ Ruth

  91. Congratulations on all of your many joyous events. I bet he or she will be the best-dressed little one around — in hand-knitted garments, of course. Happy Days!

  92. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news with us Liat! You look radiant as both a bride and a mother to be. Blessings to all of you.

  93. Oh my goodness, Liat, CONGRATULATIONS on the marriage and the soon to be born little one; hope you’ll post whether you had a boy or girl. This is wonderful news!!! So happy for you!

  94. Congratulations to husband and wife / mom and dad! A baby changes everything and makes life happy. I hope your delivery goes well bringing a healthy baby.

    1. What wonderful news, Liat. Enjoy your baby…(the sleep deprivation is stunning, and may feel permanent, but it is not).
      My husband and I have visited friends who have a house in San Pancho, such a wonderful village.
      Mother, oh Mother, Come shake out your cloth.
      Empty the dustpan, chase out the moth,
      Hang out the washing, butter the bread
      Wash up the dishes, make up the bed.
      Where is the woman whose house is so shocking?
      She’s up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.
      Dusting is needed, bills are past due
      The house is a mess and there’ s nothing for stew.
      But I’m playing Kanga, and this is my Roo
      Lullaby, rockabye, lullabye loo
      And out in the garden it’s hullabaloo.
      The cleaning and shopping can wait ‘til tomorrow
      But babies grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
      So quiet down, cobwebs, dust go to sleep
      I’m nursing my baby, and babies don’t keep.
      Adapted from anonymous.

      1. I love that poem. Wish I had known that for my 4 grand babies!
        Congratulations to the new family and best wishes for happiness.

  95. Mazel tov! August 12th is my granddaughter’s birthday, lucky day in our family, but any day is lucky when the baby is born into your family.

    1. Marie Bernardon

      Congratulations on your marriage and baby! Can’t wait to see what you’ve knit up for this sweet bundle of joy!

      1. I am so happy for you and your husband congratulations and blessings on your wedding and your upcoming bundle of joy that is the greatest blessing in the world a baby in a home God bless you both deer

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Carlos, on both your nuptials and the upcoming arrival of baby!

    1. Such a beautiful bride, and a very handsome groom! Congratulations on your upcoming birth. I do hope you share the sex of your baby when the time comes. Blessings on the three of you.

      PS: How many baby items have you knit, Liat?

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