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Welcome, Milo Rafael! Born August 11, 2019

Blog » Liat's Story » Welcome, Milo Rafael! Born August 11, 2019

Welcome, Milo Rafael! Born August 11, 2019

Liat Gat - Founder

September 4, 2019

I'd like to share with you the happy news that our son, Milo Rafael Garcia Gat, was born on August 11, 2019. My husband, Juan Carlos, has decided to stay home and help with Milo and KnitFreedom so we can continue posting content and new videos. That's very exciting for me!

First of all, thank you so much for the well-wishes you all left in the comments on my last post. They mean the world to me!

I’d like to share with you the happy news that our son, Milo Rafael Garcia Gat, was born on August 11, 2019.

Milo Sleeping Soundly
Milo Sleeping Soundly

The details:

How was he born? C-section! Was that my first choice? No. Rolling with the punches that day, I labored for 12 hours with my wonderful husband Carlos at my side, but Milo wouldn’t budge. Eventually we decided that the C-section was our only option.

Milo weighed 3.45 kilos (7.6 pounds) at birth. He is breastfeeding.

What’s with that name?

Milo is named for Mila, my grandmother, and Rafael, my grandfather.

How’s it going?

We are at home and on our own (my mom left a week ago). We are doing amazing! I’d love to give more details but since this is a professional knitting blog, I’ll just say that we are so happy. Obviously we are sleep-deprived and many more of our conversations now revolve around poop, but we are glad for this new phase of our lives and to start our family.

When are we going to see some new knitting videos?

My husband, Juan Carlos, has decided to stay home and help with Milo and KnitFreedom so we can continue posting content and new videos. That’s very exciting for me!

Big hugs and you’ll be hearing from us soon once things settle down.

Carlos and Milo connection
Carlos and Milo connecting

Love, Liat, Carlos, and Milo.

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  1. Congratulations to all!!!! Welcome Milo!!!! Your Mom will have knitting needles in your hands before you can talk or walk!!!! Enjoy the blessings bestowed upon you, Liat, and I look forward to new content in the future. I have been following you for 10 years and I still find myself pulling up one of your videos if I have a question or get stuck. Oh, and I still tell everyone that expresses an interest in knitting to your website. I recently (TODAY) dropped 5 stitches while turning a Fleegle heel and I was very calm about it. SHOCKING!!!! Thanks to you!

  2. So very happy for you both! He is the most beautiful baby and off to a great start with so much love in his life! Wishing both years of joy and happiness with each other and your beautiful son!

  3. Congratulations to you both, Liat! Milo is so utterly beautiful. No surprise there, considering his parents. I am so happy for you!

  4. Congratulations to you and Carlos on the birth of your son Milo. Know you are both excited and very happy. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. The picture of Milo and Juan Carlos is so sweet. I love his name and its backstory — my name has a backstory, too!

    May he be a happy, healthy child, and may he ever be a crafter.


  6. Congratulations and best wishes on the birth of your son. Now you are a family of three, and love will grow exponentially!

  7. Congratulations !!!! You have a beautiful family, and we cannot wait to see more pictures. Thank you for always being there for us, and I wish that I could meet you some day.

  8. We are complete strangers ~ (but I follow you on YT & your newsletter) ~ and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such joyous news and the photos of your beautiful new-born son! I wish you and your lovely husband much, much happiness!
    Namaste ~
    ????? ???

  9. Congratulations! How exciting! I am very happy for you and Carlos on the birth of your son!
    There are new experiences ahead for you and Carlos.
    The advice offered to you to about sleeping when Milo sleeps is on target.
    Also, begin taking turns with Milo. This will allow you and Carlos longer times to rest and/or sleep.
    I have not noticed anyone else saying any thing about Milo’s future growth milestones, but the way you described his birth may be a foreshadowing. He may prove reluctant to accept a bottle, to eating with a spoon and potty training. My poor MIL had problems with my husband, 2nd son of 6 stair thisto war
    0 step sons) was very slow to talk and to potty train! She even took him to a therapist who told her that he simply had nóthing to say to say to her! I say all this as a small warning of future issues with his ‘stubborn’ streak. lol!
    Congratulations! Enjoy and treasure each day!
    Hugs! (I envy you, regarding the next 20+ years!

  10. Congratulations! He’s perfect & apparently very loved – & what a wonderful name! I look forward to your future posts – knitting & Milo related.

  11. Oh such a happy day! Congratulations!! He is very handsome. Have fun! And prepare yourself to do more frogging with your knitting! Lol

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Liat, MILO is BEAUTIFUL and on this new phase of your & Carlos life and the start of making beautiful things for Milo….. xoxo gloria

  12. Congrats! mommy and daddy! Beautiful baby boy. wishing you nothing but the best and good health to you all.

    Happy recovering!

  13. Congratulations. Milo is such a beautiful baby boy and so lucky to have you two for parents. Enjoy this special time with him – it will pass entirely too fast before you realize it.

  14. Congratulations to you and Carlos, and a warm welcome to Milo! Thank you for sharing the happy news with us. Remember to take the time to heal and cocoon with your new baby during this fourth trimester. Happy mothering!!!

  15. Raymond Stephenson

    This is actually Joyce Stephenson (Ray doesn’t do anything with yarn!!). Such beautiful photos of your beautiful son and husband with Milo. Enjoy every moment together for all of the future.

  16. What a beautiful baby! I am so happy for you. This is a new road, full of discoveries, love, surprises, – depth in a new way. Enjoy every moment of it. Best wishes!!! :)

  17. Congratulations!!!! Such a sweet pic of an obviously smitten daddy! May you all be blessed with joy, love and long life!

  18. Congratulations! He is a beautiful baby. I’m happy to hear you are breastfeeding. I did with three children and it was such a wonderful bonding experience.

  19. Milo is so cute. You are blessed to have a lovely child. Congratulations to Carlos and you. Wish the 3 of you the very best.
    Daphne Perera

  20. Congratulations to you and Carlos. May you, Carlos and Milo have a very happy life with health, happiness and wealth.

  21. The beginnings of a beautiful family. Congratulations!
    So thrilled for all of you! Love the photos and hate to pressure you for more but, uh, well, would love to see more when you have the time.

  22. What a gorgeous little man, congratulations to you both. Carlos isn’t bad either. Greetings from Queensland, Australia from Ruth, Tess, my dog, sends special welcoming licks to Milo.

  23. Thank you for sharing some special moments on your blog. Welcome Milo and big congratulations to Liat and Juan Carlos. You make a beautiful family.

  24. What a beautiful baby and a wonderful picture. Congrats and try to get some type of decent sleep, it is hard but worth it ! !

  25. Congratulations! What a beautiful boy! Hope you heal quickly and are able to enjoy this exciting — although tiring — new stage of life for you and your husband.

  26. Congratulations of the birth of your precious son! Enjoy every moment..blink and he will be grown! Honestly it happens that fast!


  27. Congratulations to all of you and the beginning of a new and wonderful life! May there be many years of blessings and joy for all of you!

  28. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new addition to the family. “… and baby makes 3”. May God Richly Bless each of you!!!

  29. Such a beautiful baby! Congratulations on your new addition. Life will never be the same but you will love every minute of it. ❤️❤️❤️?

  30. What a beautiful family! Get as much sleep as you are able-
    Blessings on your newest addition and chapter of your life!

  31. Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your son! Such a sweet picture of father and son. I was in labor for 18 hours and then had a C-section (twice), so I know how you’re feeling. Each day you will feel better. Trust me!

  32. What a beautiful baby. Daddy’s not proud is he?? My only advice is forget doing anything, enjoy your new baby Mommy and sleep when he does!!

  33. Harriette Griffeth

    Congratulations. Milo is beautiful. Many blessings to you and Carlos and your beautiful family. So happy to hear that you will have help and support for your business. Can’t do without your teaching and expertise!

  34. This will be your most challenging job ever, but the rewards are unlike no other. He is beautiful! Hisband is not too shabby either lol! Blessings to all of you.

  35. So happy for your family ‘expansion’! Milo is precious! As for the sleep deprivation, you’re going to have to get used to it …it lasts for 18-40 years ?. Very best wishes for you all.

  36. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! He’s such a beautiful baby. Enjoy those baby snuggles and baby smell. It goes by so quickly—even though it doesn’t feel like it during the days of very little sleep.

  37. Wow, nice job. Congratulation to both of you.
    Enjoy this moment… it will make you forget the 12 years you tried to convince him to get out.

  38. Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby! (And your husband is quite beautiful, too!)
    Isn’t it wonderful to hold this new perfect little human in your arms, and to feed him the best of what nature gave to us women? It’s only the beginning of a wonderful adventure that is motherhood. Enjoy it! Yes, there will be problems, and worries when he’s sick, and so forth, but when you tiptoe into his room to watch him sleep, your heart will swell with love and joy!

  39. Congratulations you guys!! Yup, poo and eating schedules will the topic of the day for awhile that’s for sure lol. All the best!!

  40. What a beautiful family! Conrats to you and Carlos! Thank you for posting this; I’ve been eagerly checking your emails, hoping you’d share this wonderful news with us, your devoted knitting fans. Get some rest, and I’m excited for some inevitable, fabulous baby hat patterns! ?

  41. Great news! I also became a new Nana to my youngest daughter son (Kace)who arrived in June 2019.
    Remember to soak in every moment even the days you feel you are never going to get any sleep. Those days will pass and you again will go through yet another baby change.


  42. Congratulations!!!
    These are exciting times for you. Our second son was born on August 11 (32 years ago) and if your little Milo turns out like him, you will be most happy and proud parents ?.
    So good to see the bond with Papa Carlos. Don’t forget to recharge and knit, Liat, between nappy ( diaper) changes and feeding times; this is a whole new level of happiness and I am sure it will show in your work.
    All the best to the whole family ?
    Doris ( Knit With Doris/ Discover Your Inner Knitter aka Strickliese on ravelry)

  43. Hi Liat,
    I meant to write earlier and say mazel tov on your marriage and pregnancy. Now I can say mazel tov for such a beautiful baby boy!! I’m so happy for you and your family!
    Best wishes

  44. Congratulations to you and your family. Enjoy your new title–Mommy–time flies and your infant has grown to a toddler, etc. There will be moments of pure joy that you wish you could save. So happy for you. Hugs

    1. Big Congratulations to all of you. So glad you decided to nurse. I did it 43 years ago when it wasn’t that popular.


  45. Congratulations to you both on the arrival of your beautiful baby!

    So glad to see you happy and doing so well. You have been missed so it’s wonderful to have you back.

    All the best,


  46. The expression on Carlos’ face in the picture has me all choked up. So very happy for your happiness and best wishes for more sleep and less poop!

  47. Congratulations to you Carlos and extended family, Milo is beautiful and healthy, life as you know it is gone dear friend, but life ahead is new and through the eyes of your beautiful baby boy, he will be teaching you all about yourself and the world through his eyes which is amazing
    Take time to enjoy and embrace especially this year of first I sincerely wish you all the best enjoy dear friend xoxo

  48. Your photos and post made my heart sing. Congratulations! Your son is adorable and the journey ahead will bring you both much joy and eventual sleep. Breathe deeply and savor the moments!

  49. Congratulations! Even though births oftentimes don’t go as we plan, you still get the prize! Beautiful pictures. Hope you’re doing well.

  50. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son. His birthday is close to my youngest son’s birthday. My youngest son was born on Aug 14, 1980. He is now a 39 year old father of 2 sons.

  51. Congratulations Liat! He’s a beautiful baby boy. Milo is adorable. You deserve all the gifts God has for you. Life is good!

  52. Congratulations, and best wishes!! The sleep deprivation will end… about 18 years! Oh, yeah….cute kid!!

    1. Congratulations and best wishes on the birth of your beautiful son. Here’s hoping you get lots of sleep while enjoying the Joy’s of parenthood.

    2. Heartfelt congrats to you, new momma and to Carlos.!?
      Milo is gorgeous! The fun is just beginning!!!
      P.S. Looking forward to many new knitting adventures with your very helpful site; winter is coming and with it my knitting activities with the many hours of forced “indoor-time”…

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