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Weekend in Chile

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Weekend in Chile

Liat Gat - Founder

September 9, 2011

Hello lovely readers – I’m headed over the Andes mountains to Santiago, Chile, this weekend – I’ll be visiting an alpaca farm and going to the yarn store owned by Araucania Yarns!

I’ll be visiting three yarn stores and doing some in-store video about choosing the right yarn for your projects. I’ll be back to blogging next Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. January 2013
    We are in Santiago, Chile for a month. Today we went to the Cuenta Puntos store on Alfonso de Cordova and the store was closed, vacant. Do you know any other store in Santiago that carries Araucanian Yarns? It was really disappointing. Thanks, Vicki

  2. I Now Have My Very Own Personal Knitting Instructor, Liat Gat! Liat, I am so very grateful for your gift of the ‘Knitting Superstar’ I am truly looking forward to learning all that I can from you . Since I found out how much I love knitting I have wanted to pass my love of knitting on to my girls but I wasn’t confident enough to teach them. I can not wait to sit down and watch your wonderful videos and learn from the Best Knitting Instructor Ever ! Thank You So Much For Such A Wonderful Gift. I have the best seat in the class too, right up front , I’m Loving It!

    1. Rosie, you are so, so welcome! I was so happy when you won the drawing – I’m so lucky to have a student like you! Big hugs!!

  3. I love, love, love the Araucania yarns, especially Toconao; it’s sooooo springy. I hope you had a grand time while in Chili, Liat!

    1. Thanks Tina!! I was SOO happy to actually find REAL yarn – it has totally revved up my knitting and designing! It felt great to give myself permission to buy yarn, even if I didn’t have a project or video in mind. And I’m LOVING the Araucanía – the colors are fabulous!

  4. Love your Knitting Superstar download. I have been looking for something like this for a while.
    Thank you for this work and effort. I will be sharing this website with fellow knitters. They should all buy this great source of help. Happy in Texas Knit on!!


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