Top Five Knitting Questions of 2010… Answered

Here are the five most popular knitting questions I got asked this year, with links to each of the answers.

1. What length of needle do I need for Magic Loop?

Addi Lace

47-inch needles are your best bet - this way, when you are ready to knit two-at-at-time, your needles will be long enough. If you already have some circulars, you can use anything longer than 36 inches.

To learn more about choosing needles, here's a review of circular needles for Magic Loop.

2. I know Magic Loop - why can't I cast on for two-at-a-time (mittens, e.g.)? Is there a trick?

Two Mittens

Knitting two-at-a-time requires a special cast-on that will get your stitches on your needle in the right sequence to do Magic Loop. I call my version "Liat's Limitless Cast-On for Two-at-a-Time ANYTHING."

You can also learn every trick behind knitting two-at-a-time in my Magic Loop Sock Class.

3. How do I convert any round pattern to a Magic Loop pattern? What if there is an odd number of stitches?

Barbara Walker Patterns

You can convert any pattern that is written for knitting in the round to Magic Loop instead. Just cast on the required number of stitches, then divide the stitches in half on your circular needle.

This is possible whether or not you have an even number of stitches. Learn how to convert any pattern to Magic Loop.

4. What type of needles should I buy for Magic Loop?

Addi Lace needles closeup

Addi Lace needles are great for beginners - the finish is not very slippery, so your stitches are under control.

You can also purchase a set of interchangeable needles, which include a set of needle tips and cables of all lengths. To learn more about choosing needles, here's a review of circular needles for Magic Loop.

5. How do I undo my knitting?

Undo Button

It's easy! You can either un-knit each stitch, or you can pull your needles out and unravel the offending stitches.

Both techniques make knitters nervous in the beginning, but I have created videos showing you exactly how to do it. Learn both ways to undo your stitches and get them back on the needles correctly.

By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

6 thoughts on “Top Five Knitting Questions of 2010… Answered”

  1. LOVE these tips. I just cast on my first pair of 2 at a time mitts, thanks to the “Liat’s Limitless Cast-On for Two-at-a-Time ANYTHING” videos. Excited! Very well done – thank you for your excellent videos.

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