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5 Ways to Fix A Too-Tight Bind-Off

Liat Gat - Founder

February 26, 2014

A too-tight bind-off is the Achilles’ heel of the perfect knitted project. It’s the most common complaint I get about bind-offs. Here's how to avoid and/or fix a too-tight bind-off.

A too-tight bind-offA too-tight bind-off is the Achilles’ heel of the perfect knitted project.

It’s the most common complaint I get in my finishing technique classes. So how do you know if you should worry?

Four Clues Your Bind-Off Is Too Tight:

1 — If the edge of your garment looks narrower than the rest of it, your bind-off might be too tight.

2 — If you can’t get your hand or foot or whatever it is INTO your knitted garment, your bind-off might be too tight.

3 — If you tug the bind-off edge and it doesn’t have any give — if it feels like the yarn is going to break, your bind-off might be too tight.

4 — If you can feel tension in your hands while you’re binding off, like you’re holding on and trying to keep everything together, your bind-off might be too tight.

So why is this happening?

There are two reasons your bind-off would be too tight: you’re knitting too tight or you picked the wrong bind-off. We’ll deal with harder problem first.

#1: You’re Working Your Bind-Off Too Tight

Tip: If you have bad habits while binding off, you probably have them while knitting, too. Fix both problems at the same time with these tips!

1. Tension your yarn correctly

Weave your yarn properly through your fingersA. Weave the working yarn through your fingers so you feel like you have control of it ———–>

Let your yarn flow through your fingersB. Give it some slack: let the yarn feed through your fingers as you knit ———–>


2. Make sure that you are holding your yarn at all times

Some people have a bad habit of not holding the yarn at all.

Not properly holding your yarnI see these three habits a lot ———–>


3. Use the tips of your fingers on your stitches to help control them

Not using your fingers for control

When you avoid touching your stitches, you have less control ———–>

When people don’t feel like they have control, they hold their yarn too tight.

Holding the yarn tight makes the bind-off too tight.

Use your fingers for more control

To get more control, put your fingers all over the stitches ———–>

Don’t be shy! Hold the stitches on the needle so that you feel like they’re not going to go anywhere.

Get a good grip on your stitches and show them who’s boss.


4. Slide each stitch down onto the barrel of the needle

Slide your stitches down your needle

Leaving all your stitches right at the tips of the needle is a recipe for very, very tight stitches ———–>

The size of your stitches is going to dictate the size of your bind-off.

Push the stitch all the way down with your finger each time.


5. Last-ditch trick: Use a bigger needle in your right hand

Use a bigger needle in your right handThis isn’t a permanent solution but it can help in a pinch.

Just use a needle 1-3 sizes bigger in your right hand as you bind off.

#2: You Chose the Wrong Bind-Off

The other reason that your bind-off might be too tight is that you picked one that isn’t stretchy enough.

If you’re not a tight knitter in general and you have no problem knitting things with proper tension but you find that your bind-offs are too tight, this might be why.

In my upcoming ebook, I Love Bind-Offs, I give you 12 great choices for stretchy bind-offs.

Many of them are easy, most of them are fast, and a lot of them are fun. Excited yet?

Once you have the ebook, you’re never going to run into this problem of picking a bind-off that’s not stretchy enough.

Recap: To sum up, the ways to fix a too-tight bind-off are:

  • Tension your yarn better
  • Get control of your stitches
  • Slide them down the needle
  • Try a bigger needle, and
  • Pick a stretchier bind-off.

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Trying just a few of these tips will go a long way towards improving your bind-offs. If they don’t, post in the comments and let me know! I’ll try to help figure out what’s going on.

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