Thank You All So Much

I am so filled with love and gratitude for all of you! Thank you to my blog readers, knitting students, and parters on the road to Knitting Superstardom!

Merry Christmas from KnitFreedom!

As we opened presents today, I reflected on how lucky I am to already have the best gift of all - one that I created myself - a career that is my calling - one where I get to teach knitting to you every day.

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Thank You All So Much”

  1. No, thank you as the other girls have said.

    I wish you were here,I’d hug you. I can finally knit socks!!!!! I love your toe up pattern, I have my first one almost done. It’s only one now but next pair I think I’ll try 2 at a time.


    1. Annette, you are so sweet! Hooray! You will do great at two-at-a-time toe-up – it’s about 2% harder than doing one-at-a-time.

      Hugs back to you!

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