Tangled Goes to Sock Summit and Launches Summer Sock Yarn Issue

Tangled Magazine LogoI love this magazine! I am continually delighted by the inventive and thoroughly modern knit and crochet designs over at Tangled Online Magazine.

The "bi-craftual pair" at Tangled has done it again, launching a beautiful summer issue with an 80's twist, full of knit and crochet patterns that call for sock-weight yarn.

This issue coincides with their first appearance at Sock Summit, the so-called "greatest (and only) sock knitting show on earth," held this summer in Portland, Oregon. If you're attending Sock Summit 2011, stop by and say hi (and get a T-shirt)!

Pink and lime green knit and crochet legwarmers by Brittany Tyler of Tangled
"Milli Vanilli" Knit and Crochet Legwarmers from Tangled Magazine

When Brittany Tyler called me up and said, "I've designed my best pattern ever, and it's going to be on the cover of Tangled," I couldn't wait to see what she was talking about (and being Tangled's video-knitting diva, I got a preview). She was right!

These "cross-threadified" legwarmers ("Milli Vanilli," shown above) are just SEXY!! Or maybe it's the bright red shoes... Either way, if you want to turn heads this fall, these legwarmers will do the trick.

Pink knit socks "Berlin" from Tangled Magazine Summer 2011 issueI'm especially intrigued by the spiraling twisted-stitch detail in "Berlin" (shown at left), designed by German blogger and knitwear designer Stefanie Bold.

Each download comes with links to relevant KnitFreedom video tutorials, so if you're never tried Judy's Magic Cast-On or Kitchener Stitch, I will be there to help you!

Please support awesomeness and stop by Tangled's summer issue to download one of their beautiful sock-yarn patterns - it's the perfect excuse to buy more sock yarn!

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By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at KnitFreedom.com. She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

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