How to Calculate How Many Yards of Leftover Yarn You Have

When it comes to choosing the right yarn, I am all about stash diving!

Given my obsession with felted slippers this year, I had a hefty selection to choose from. However, since most of these were left over from knitting I wasn’t sure if I would have enough for this Knit-A-Long.

If you’re like me and stash diving, here’s a helpful guide on how to figure out how much yarn you have. To do this math you will need -

  • A gram scale (you can find them at yarn shops, baking supplies stores, or just by googling)
  • Yarn you either know is 100% non-superwash wool/alpaca, or yarn you still have the ball tag for which you can confirm the fiber content

Yarn on scaleI had an extra ball of Harrisville Designs FLYWheel in the color Penstock. The combination of black with red, blue, and yellow gives me joy every time I see it.

I’ve already used this ball for another project, so I wanted to see how many yards I have remaining.

One skein of FLYWheel has 170 yards and weighs 50 grams. Now if you want to solve for just this 21 gram ball of yarn, you can do a simple fraction of (170/50) times 21 which equals 71.4 yards. If it helps to see the math written out, here is my handwritten process for you to follow:

How to calculate yards per gram of yarn

If you have multiple skeins of the same yarn, you may prefer to calculate the yards per gram (my first step above) which may be useful for several balls of yarn.

By Mary Claire Phillips - KnitFreedom Knitting Expert
Mary Claire is KnitFreedom's resident Knitting Expert. She answers all students' knitting questions and finds extra time to write educational blog posts for KnitFreedom. She loves knitting Fair-Isle sweaters.

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