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Felted Slippers With Liat and Mary Claire -
November 2020

Felted Slippers Class KAL November 2020 sm

The Perfect Easy Christmas Gift Project + Community Fun

Felted slipper with puzzle and plush dinosaur square crop smFelted Slippers 1 naked foot square crop smFelted slipper sparkle bottom sm cropSlippers Milo hands 1 sm square crop

Knit an easy and adorable pair of Felted Slippers in this step-by-step video class from KnitFreedom.

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Felted Slippers 1 naked foot square crop sm
"Count me in! Your classes are the best."
"I'd love to do a knitalong! I missed the last one and I'm ready this time."
"Yes to slippers! I did the Toe-Up Socks knitalong and had a great time."
"I've been looking for a perfect project like this for the holidays."
"I was thinking of making felted slippers and hadn't got around to it!"
"I have felted before and it's always been by accident! I would love to do it on purpose."

Join us for another warm and wonderful knitalong. 7 emails walk you through each step of your online class. 7 online lessons give you a space to ask questions at any pace, even if you knit the whole project in 2 days.

Felted Slippers Knitalong Schedule:

1 - Welcome, get signed into class - Day 1 (last day = Nov. 16th)
2 - What size, yarn, materials (and yarn discount code) - Day 2 (Nov 17th)
3 - Create a paper slipper - Day 4 (Nov 19th)
4 - Knit the slippers - Nov 24th (1 week after signup date)
5 - Seam without fear- Dec 1st (2 weeks after signup date)
6 - Felting Frenzy - Dec 8th (3 weeks after signup date)
7 - All done! Post Photos - Dec 11th (3 1/2 weeks after signup date)

Game-Changing Beginner Knitting Skills

Slippers Milo hands 1 sm square crop

Learn To...

  •   Count your garter stitch rows with complete confidence,
  •   Pick up and knit stitches,
  •   Seam garter stitch edges with Mattress stitch,
  •   Felt projects in the washer or by hand, and
  •   Needle-felt decorations onto your felted slippers.

You'll Get...

  •   An adorable pair of felted slippers to wear or gift,
  •   A fun, fast project that can help you use up leftover skeins of yarn,
  •   The joy of working along with me and other KnitFreedom knitters on a really darling project.

Learn Every Step With 11 Super-Clear Instructional Videos

Get Recommendations for Yarn and Needles (Plus a Discount)

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Needle-Felting Needles

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Needle-Felting Pad

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Go Offline and Take Your Video Classes With You*

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Take Your Class on the Road with 100% Offline Classes

  •   Download a gorgeous PDF of the whole class,
  •   Download HD video files to your computer, iPad, or mobile devide,
  •   Watch videos on the road with no Internet connection,
  •   Watch at home even if you have slow Internet
  •   Skip around through the videos with no loading or buffering.

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Felted Slippers Class KAL November 2020 sm

Ready To Gift These Fun Slippers to Grandkids or Loved Ones?

Felted slipper with puzzle and plush dinosaur square crop smFelted Slippers 1 naked foot square crop smFelted slipper sparkle bottom sm cropSlippers Milo hands 1 sm square crop

Join KnitFreedom students in this fun and easy project.

or Included FREE With a Subscription to KnitFreedom Premium

Questions? Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!

By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

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Shop Now! Felted Slippers Stitch-by-Stitch Video Instructions Take You By The Hand

These beginner felted slippers are like a little puzzle – you knit a strip of garter-stitch fabric, pick up and knit a few flaps on the sides, and then seam everything up in an origami-like fashion that magically results in two elfish-looking slippers.

Perfect for beginners and fun for advanced knitters, in this 11-video step-by-step course you'll learn to count rows on Garter stitch with complete confidence, pick up and knit, seam with Mattress stitch, and more.

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