It’s easy to get confused when it’s time to purl on Magic Loop, especially if you are new to the technique or knitting American style.

The tell-tale sign is a funny double stitch where you should have just one purl stitch. Here’s how to recognize and prevent this problem!

KNITFreedom: How To Purl On Magic Loop - Correct Magic Loop Purling
KNITFreedom: How To Purl On Magic Loop - Correct Magic Loop Purling

Whether you knit American or Continental style, you can make sure your purl correctly on Magic Loop if you bring the yarn under and to the front of the right-hand needle before you start your stitch.

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  1. I am doing socks, the pattern calls for knit 10, turn then knit 43, turn then next number. How do I do that using magic loop

  2. I am still having an issue. I watch your video, and I still don’t understand what I am doing. Here’s why our two outcomes are different (FYI I knit Am Style)…In your video, it appears that your working yarn comes from the front…like the ball of yarn is in your lap. My working yarn is always towards my feet, behind the needles. The only way I have found to NOT create an extra sts is to drop my working yarn between the needles at the Home Position just before pulling the back needle out. Then, purl as necessary. When I try to watch your video and do it, I don’t get an extra YO, but I do have a tangled mess with my working yard and my needle loops on the right side of my work!!
    I cannot for the life of me see how you are doing it…where your ball of yarn is in the video. Try putting the ball at your feet and you will see how the setup doesn’t match this video…or does it? I am all confused now!!! BUT, NOT because of you! You make it look so easy, and correct…I just can’t mirror that for some reason!
    Thank You!

  3. Oh my heavens recently completed my first ever (after 20 plus not knitting/crocheting etc) socks-two at a time magic loop (never used circulars in my life-top down & toe up-i am representing you as best i can-fearless & aspiring 2b “knitting glow”then perhaps”knitting superstar” when i would constantly have that very”extra stitch”and could not figure why-believe i try to locate videos (difficult time comprehending written instructions-this a huge round of applause to you for this video detailing what was happening-honestly if not for you and the kindness of others & youtube,of course who help with videos & even taking the time to reply regardless of how silly my inquiry maybe..thank you very much
    Ps: the recently completed socks will not go out of the house or even shared with many although i do feel confident that i have completed my attempts lol thanks again so very much continued success

  4. Thank you so much! I was just not understanding what in the world I was doing wrong. You always make things so clear. And thank you for remembering that some of us knit American-style. Thank you!!!!

  5. Thanks!! I was doing that yesterday and it was so ugly…. one more reason not to knit myself to sleep…. stuff like that always happens! LOL

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