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How to Use a Pompom Maker To Make Huge, Puffy Pompoms

Liat Gat - Founder

November 18, 2011

While you can make a pompom without a specialized tool (and I show you how here), they come out big, fluffy, and perfect if you use a pompom maker. The directions for how to use a pompom maker can be hard to remember, so I made you this video as a reference.

Ever tried to make a pompom?

The gadgets you get at your local yarn store or the craft store for making pompoms are not exactly easy-to-use.

Small and medium pompom makers

There are 12 steps to making an awesome pompom, and I show you how to do them in the video below.

With four arms and two discs that separate, you’ve got to do everything in the right order. Here’s how do it:

KnitFreedom | Embellishments | Pompoms - How to Make a Pompom with a Clover PomPom Maker
KnitFreedom | Embellishments | Pompoms - How to Make a Pompom with a Clover PomPom Maker

If you don’t have a pompom maker, you can still make a good pompom, but it wastes a bit more yarn and will require some more fussing at the end.

How to make a pompom if you don’t have a pompom maker

  1. Find a water glass, water bottle, or other cylinder that is the diameter that you would like your finished pompom to be. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls will work fine, as will a Nalgene bottle if you need a pompom the size of a small kitten.
  2. Wrap the yarn many, many, many times around the cylinder, spreading it over about a 2-inch area. The more wraps, the better.
  3. Do a few more.

  4. Carefully slide the yarn bundle off the end of the cylinder.
  5. Wrap the working yarn around the middle of the bundle tightly a few times, then tie it in a knot around itself. Cut the yarn, leaving a 12-inch tail.
  6. Cut the loops of yarn on either side of the tie. Fluff the pompom.
  7. Trim and attach the pompom like I showed you in the video above.

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If you liked this video on how to make a pompom, post in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “How to Use a Pompom Maker To Make Huge, Puffy Pompoms”

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  1. to make a pompom without a pompom maker (as taught me by my gran 60 years ago)

    1) make two circles of as strong cardboard as you can cut. Cut a circle out of the centre. So it’s like you’re making two cardboard ring doughnuts
    2) place the two pieces of card together
    3) wind yarn to cover the “doughnut” until the central hole is full (using a needle when the central hole starts getting too full to use your fingers)
    4) start cutting into the yarn around the outer edges until the cardboard is exposed.
    5) snuggle some yarn down between the two pieces of card, wrap round tightly several times and knot the two ends snugly into the centre
    6) remove the cardboard rings (you might have to cut them)
    7) fluff out the pompom and trim as necessary

  2. Hi Liat!
    Now I know how to use pompom maker! I saw this on the mall as I am buying a yarn and knitting kit, but I don’t know how to use them, glad that you have demonstrate on how to use this tool. I am making my children a bonnet as well and it will be so cute if I’ll add a pompom.. Thanks :)

    1. Hi Amanda –

      I’m so glad that I could help you learn how to use the Pompom Maker! The bonnets definitely look cute with a Pompom added. :)


  3. I’m so glad you demonstrated this pom pom maker today! I had decided that I wanted to buy a set of these, and now that I’ve seen yours, I know I want them in every size available. lol! Thank you!

    1. Wonderful! I hope you love the pom pom makers. :) And I’m glad that I could help you decide to purchase them; in every size, even!

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