New Video Course Launches Today: The Secrets of Flawless Cast-Ons Revealed!

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The Secrets of Flawless Cast-Ons Revealed! This In-Depth Video Course Guides You Through Every Step.

Learn more about the KnitFreedom VIdeo Guide to Cast-Ons

Most of you know ONE cast-on —
the one you were taught when you first learned how to knit.

You know that a cast-on is the way to get stitches on your needle so that you can start knitting.

But did you know that there are over fifty distinct cast-ons, each exactly suited to a different situation? Not only are there tons of fast, everyday cast-ons like the Long-Tail and Old Norwegian cast-ons, there are special cast-ons to

  • invisibly start ribbing on mitten and sweater cuffs
  • start in the center of circular projects
  • match your cast-on and bind-off edges

…and much, much more!

The right cast-on makes your project look professionally hand-finished.

Imagine how much easier casting on would be if you could

✓ finally stop casting on too tight
✓ count your stitches faster than you’ve ever done
never forget how many stitches you’ve just counted
✓ cast on with perfect tension, every time
make sure you never run out of tail, without wasting yarn
✓ choose the perfect cast-on to match your knitted fabric

…no question - it would be a breeze!

Discover The Proven Way To Send Your Cast-On Skills Through The Roof - Let Liat Be Your Personal Video Instructor.

Introducing The Brand-New Cast-On Video Encyclopedia that will eliminate your confusion about cast-ons and turn YOU into the expert.

  • See a cast-on in your pattern that you don't know, like Tillibuddy's Cast-On? Look it up in the front-page alphabetical index.
  • Within seconds you'll be watching a sharp, close-up video showing exactly how to do it.
  • You'll understand not only how to do it, but why you're doing it - for example, you might use...
  • Tillibuddy's cast-on to create a buttonhole,
    ⁃ the Italian tubular cast-on to invisibly start ribbing, and
    ⁃ the Chain cast-on to perfectly match your cast-on and bind-off edges.

Free from distractions and chatter, these videos get right to the point, so you can get right to learning.

The average video in this course is under three minutes long.

This Guide Teaches The 38 Cast-Ons You Need For Mastery

To decide which cast-on tutorials to include, I analyzed the top 100 patterns on Ravelry and combed them for every cast-on called for. I grilled my Facebook followers about every cast-on they'e ever heard of and wanted to learn. And I pored through the best cast-on reference books to uncover anything that I'd missed.

I knitted more than a hundred swatches while putting together this course, trying to find just the cast-ons that you need to learn.

I knitted them with stockinette stitch and with ribbing. Paired them with traditional and stretchy bind-offs. Tested how easy they were to knit into.

And then I went over them all again, looking for things that might trip you up and the tips you'd need to make doing them easier.

The result: videos showing the top 38 cast-ons you need for mastery, including:

✓ Beginner
✓ Decorative
✓ Invisible
✓ Moebius
✓ Multicolor and Fair-Isle
✓ Ribbed
✓ Stretchy
✓ Toe-Up and Top-Down, and
✓ Two-at-a-Time

There are no repeats here! Even if you've seen a cast-on video of mine in another KnitFreedom course, each of these videos is brand new and exclusive to this guide.

I also made sure to include cast-ons by special request, like the

  • Channel Island
  • Chinese Waitress
  • I-Cord
  • Latvian
  • Old Norwegian (Twisted German)
  • Tillibuddy's, and
  • Turkish cast-ons
…PLUS you'll get BONUS tips and tricks to make each cast-on perfect.

Because you won't be able to really cast on confidently and easily until you can...

Master The 5 Tricks To Make Casting On Fast And Efficient

- hold your hands correctly for casting on
- correctly estimate how much tail you'll need for a long tail cast-on
- count your stitches faster than you've ever done
- never forget how many stitches you've just counted
- make sure you never run out of tail, without wasting yarn

Solve Any Cast-On Frustration That Comes Your Way

- rescue your cast-on if you run out of tail
- finally stop casting on too tight
- rescue and fix dropped cast-on stitches

Make Your Cast-Ons Look Perfect

- know which is appropriate, a long-tail or short-tail cast-on
- choose the perfect cast-on to match your knitted fabric
- cast on with perfect tension, every time
- cast on without a slipknot or remove one if you don't like it
- perfectly match your cast-ons to your bind-offs

…And those are just the BONUS tips! Each cast-on tutorial comes with its own specific tips to help you get the technique just right.

The KnitFreedom Guide to Cast-Ons contains an incredible 38 cast-ons, including the...

Included cast-ons

So snag this guide TODAY while it's at 30% off, for KnitFreedom subscribers only!

Learn more about the KnitFreedom VIdeo Guide to Cast-Ons

By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

12 thoughts on “New Video Course Launches Today: The Secrets of Flawless Cast-Ons Revealed!”

  1. This is the best video I have ever used. Thanks again for all your work for us, Liat. My only concern is that the videos work on my desktop but not on my Kindle. I am in the process of teaching some friends to knit and this video is my best resource.

  2. Diane Berthelot

    Absolutely wonderful video course. Talk about having your own personal knitting instructor with you 24/7. A wonderful resource for all levels of knitters. Thanks Liat once again.


  3. I joined and got my welcoming letter in February. Because it didn’t recognize me as being a member on the 10th when Iwas trying to get the cast on video with the 30% discount, I “joined” again. Now, even with the 25% discount it gives me the same message and wants me to join again. The PRESALE coupon coupon didn’t work (said it was invalid) and even today at the 25% off it still shows the 24.99 price in my check out cart. It seems I can buy it at the full price but not at the discount price. Have you had this problem with any of the other members?

    Thanks! Deb

  4. I purchased the Cast-On videos. Once I leave the site, how can I get back to the videos again? All I get is the advertisement on purchasing it.

    1. Hi Marylouise,

      You should have received a receipt in your email that has the link to the video course. If you didn’t see it in your inbox, can you check your spam folder? It may have gone in there. Add “[email protected]” to your address book to prevent this from happening in the future. I can send you the link right now, but I don’t want that email to go to spam, too. Contact me here and I can help you better over email. Thanks!

  5. gloria yarbrough

    hi Liat, somehow i’ve hit the wrong button too many times. could you fix that for me. i want to order today!! i was trying to open the book. i think i;m up 4 times i cant fix it. please help.i want to buy today. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Gloria, sorry for the delay – I just saw this! To clear out the cart, hit the little X next to the number. Then close the cart window and click “Add to Cart” again. You can also highlight the number of classes, type in the number you want (1), and then hit enter. This will update the cart.

      I’ll email you to make sure you still get the 30% discount.

  6. oh boy……………… AT LAST…. IT’S ALL MINE TO EXPLORE AND ENJOY. MY HEART IS SINGING :) :) I just can’t wait to try out some of these new, never heard of cast-ons. SO NOW I KNOW THE ANSWER TO SO MANY OF MY QUESTIONS……. and they are all on my computer. :)
    Thank you Liat for putting so much time and energy into making up this treasure for us. I LOVE YOU ;) Louise

    1. Yaaay! Louise, you’re so very welcome!

      I have to say, I get such a rush of joy when I see your happy comments here and on the Facebook page. It makes putting in all that time and energy so worth it. Hugs to you!!

    1. Hi Connie, I’m so sorry you didn’t get the discount code in your email this morning! Maybe it went to your spam folder? I’ll email you and get this straightened out right away.

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