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How to Learn Intarsia, Fair-Isle, Cables, Duplicate Stitch, and More

Liat Gat - Founder

August 31, 2021

Our new charts class is really like 8 classes in one. Not only will you learn how to read and knit from charts, but you'll also learn the actual knitting techniques behind lace, cables, Fair-Isle, Intarsia, double knitting, and more.

Pre-Order Charts Demystified for $1We are so excited to launch this charts class because it really is like 8 classes in one. Not only will you learn how to read and knit from charts, you’ll also learn the actual knitting techniques behind lace, cables, Fair-Isle, Intarsia, double knitting, and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn even one of the above techniques, this class is perfect for you.

With over 7 hours of video, this class teaches you so many techniques you’ll be able to master almost any project out there.

Here Are All The New Techniques You’ll Learn Above And Beyond Just Knitting From Charts

Knit and Purl

Knit-and-Purl Swan
Starting with four knit-and-purl charts, you’ll understand how to approach the symbols on a chart and why charts are easier to work from than written patterns. You’ll practice on swatches that get more complex as you go, culminating in a beautiful swan design.


Diamond Lace
You’ll then learn to knit lace from charts. Even if you’ve never tried to knit lace in your life, you’ll be able to once you work along with our videos. Thorough and in-depth, they teach you why the charts are written the way they are and how you can approach each row of your knitting with a strategy that helps you understand and memorize what you are supposed to do. No more going over the chart over and over!

Foliage Toddler Hat
You’ll progress to working lace charts in the round on Magic Loop. You’ll even learn advanced chart techniques like moving the marker at the beginning of every round if needed. You’ll also knit a lace hat for a toddler as practice. You won’t just be knitting swatches in this class!

Starlight Lace closeup
You’ll also learn many troubleshooting techniques like how to fix wrong stitches, notice missing yarnovers, put in a lifeline, take your knitting out and fix it with or without a lifeline, and many more.


Complex Cables
After you’ve learned to knit lace charts, you’ll learn simple and complex cables, and I teach you to knit cables without a cable needle for more speed and enjoyment. I teach you the logic behind each symbol and the movements to make the cable so you don’t have to stop and think (much) before doing any kind of cable. Beautiful aran sweaters will be within your reach once you finish this chapter.


Fair Isle
You’ll then learn to knit with multiple colors of yarn at once as you interpret an easy Fair-Isle chart. I’ll teach you how to knit Fair-Isle American-style, Continental-style, or a combination of the two. Tips for tension, avoiding those “corners” on Magic Loop, and when you should and shouldn’t cut your yarn are all included in this comprehensive video chapter.

Double Knitting

Double Knitting
Continuing your color-chart education, you will learn to double-knit a simple reversible design, plus learn how to create your own charts and patterns from photographs to make jaw-droppingly realistic double-knitted projects. We’ll also give you some amazing example of double-knitting projects to inspire your creativity.

Intarsia and Duplicate Stitch

Intarsia and Duplicate Stitch
As if that weren’t enough, you’ll then learn to knit Intarsia which are large color-block projects. You’ll learn how to make bobbins and twist your yarn so that the design comes out perfect. Next you’ll learn to decorate your projects using duplicate-stitch charts and techniques.

Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic Knitting
Culminating your charts education are the often-confusing Mosaic knitting charts. Barbara Walker’s famous Mosaic designs will all be within your reach after finishing this advanced chapter.

As you can see, there is a wealth of information in this class that is just itching to get out of our video screen and into your brain. Made even more fun by the soothing tones of Liat’s encouraging voice, you’ll learn so much as you knit a new swatch each week.

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Which of these techniques are you most excited to learn? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “How to Learn Intarsia, Fair-Isle, Cables, Duplicate Stitch, and More”

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    1. Elias - KnitFreedom Customer Happiness

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks for your questions, I’d be happy to answer them!
      It is great to hear that you love our emails. 😊

      The class is online but if you invest in any class, you can download the videos to watch them offline. It is not a group class so you can see the content at your own pace, this class has over 7 hours of video!

      The Charts Demystified class will launch on September 15th, 2021. We will also be offering a knitalong which you can pre-order for $1 by opening this link

      Pre-ordering the knitalong reserves your spot as spaces are limited and may fill up before we officially launch the class.


    2. Skye Jameson - Knitting Expert

      Hi Pam,
      Great question! This is a class you can watch online or download at your convenience. It is not a live one. Once you purchase it or a membership to Knitting Superstar University, it is yours for life!

  1. Theresa K Russell

    I am interested in all of your classes. I have the Superstar and have progressed so much faster with your guides. I like the Fair Isle and the Double Knit and a better way to do cables. Looking forward to more of your classes.
    Terry Russell

    1. Skye Jameson - Knitting Expert

      Hi Terry,
      Thank you so much. I am so glad you enjoy our classes. I think you would really like Charts Demystified. It is so full of information and fun techniques!

    1. Skye Jameson - Knitting Expert

      Hi Elaine,
      Colorwork is so much fun! Aside from the classes we already have, colorwork will be greatly discussed in the Charts Demystified class.

  2. I am most interested in learning one at a time, and my preference would be cables, then Fair Isle, then intarsia. I am not able to joint the Knitting Superstar University, but I would be able to afford some of the classes that you have presented in the past.
    Thank you for asking our opinion on these classes.
    Sue Hansen

    1. Skye Jameson - Knitting Expert

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your response. I love cables and fair isle. I myself learned fair isle by talking Liat’s class. We really appreciate you taking the time to write in and share.
      Thank you and Happy Knitting!

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