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NEW Moebius Bowl Video Class On Sale Now!

Liat Gat - Founder

September 9, 2022

Get comfortable knitting any moebius project out there by creating a gorgeous decorative felted bowl with five petal-like twists. Master the moebius cast-on and many intermediate knitting techniques.
Moebius knitting uses a special cast-on to create a twisted, infinite loop with one continuous “right side.”

If you’ve never seen this technique before, I hope you’ll be intrigued by all the “twisted” projects shown below!

Amazing Projects You Can Knit With a Moebius

Brioche, lace, textured stitches and fading colors – everything looks good when knit as a moebius!

What's Challenging About Moebius Knitting?

All moebius projects require a special cast-on that can be hard to figure out.
Moebius cast on 1 med 9922
The moebius cast-on
Setting up your needles correctly, remembering the movement pattern, and counting your cast-on stitches are the main challenges of casting on for a moebius.
Moebius cast on 2 med 9922
Counting your cast-on stitches
It’s important you be able to identify the twists in your moebius, as during the cast-on is your only opportunity to set the twists up correctly.
Moebius twists 1 med 9922
Identifying the twists in your moebius
Knitting the first round of the moebius after you’ve done the cast-on can be challenging too, especially if you’re not sure whether you’re doing it right.
Knitting into the 1st round on a Moebius med 9922
Knitting into the first round of a moebius
All these challenges are easily solved with a clear, close-up tutorial of how to do every step. Which is exactly what we offer at KnitFreedom!

By the way, I spent a lot time struggling with moebius cast-ons when I first learned this technique. I know how it confusing it is to venture into a new technique completely on your own!

That’s why I created and developed a popular pattern for 5-twist moebius bowls that teaches anyone how to feel comfortable when knitting a moebius.

Introducing Our Newest Video Class: The 5-Twist Felted Moebius Bowl

In just one super-fun and customizable project, you can learn everything you need to know to knit any moebius pattern with confidence!

  • 13 Premium Step-by-Step Knitting Videos
  • Downloadable Videos and Class PDF for Offline Learning
  • Free Patterns for Medium and Large Felted 5-Twist Moebius Bowls
  • Personal Answers to Your Knitting Questions
  • 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You'll Have a Blast Knitting This Moebius Felted 5-Twist Bowl!

Choose custom colors that go with your decor or even your favorite team.

How You'll Master Moebius Knitting Today

Skills Learned:
  • Cast on using the Moebius cast-on
  • Identify how many twists you have in your moebius
  • Add twists to your needle to make a 5-twist moebius
  • Knit into the first round of a moebius
  • Identify the beginning of the round of a moebius
  • Knit a moebius in Garter stitch
  • Do a 3-stitch I-Cord Bind-Off
  • Flatten out, identify, and prepare the 5 petals of a 5-twist moebius for picking up stitches
  • Pick up and knit evenly across a prescribed number of stitches
  • Do the Knit Front-and-Back increase (KFB) and recognize it when you see it
  • Count rounds of knitting without writing anything down
  • Do the Knit 2 Together (K2tog) decrease and recognize it when you see it
  • Know when to decrease and when to do a plain round without writing anything down
  • Close the bottom of a bowl
  • Invisibly weave in ends
  • Felt a knitted project in a top-loading or front-loading washer or by hand

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