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Milo’s Birthday, Popsicles, and More

Liat Gat - Founder

August 17, 2022

We celebrated Milo's birthday with homemade pizza, popsicles, and lots of friends. Ok it felt like a lot, there were probably only like 5 kids... This month's post is a mix of personal and KnitFreedom news :)

Happy Birthday, Milo!

Milo turned three years old this month! We celebrated by inviting his closest friends over for homemade pizza and brownies. Milos Birthday toy box bathtub horizontal crop 2 81722Even though it was just a handful of kids, it felt very crazy as they emptied every toy on the floor and played all day long in the heat.

We did several rounds of putting away toys, served popcorn and homemade pizza (pineapple, mushroom, and chorizo), and made Betty Crocker brownies for dessert. We had a great time.

Have an Emergency? Milo to the Rescue!

Milo ambulance hand 81722 This year, Milo got toys from my family hand-picked just for him, which was such a treat after three years of well-loved hand-me downs from our friends and neighbors.

Fire trucks, police cars, excavators, and dump trucks figured prominently in the much-wished-for toy category, and we stretched the gift-giving out over more than a week so he could enjoy everything.

Homemade Popsicles in Fun Animal Shapes

Milo with popsicles 81722After a year of buying popsicles every day at the store, we decided it was time to make them at home!

We got a popsicle mold for his birthday and have been making homemade tropical fruit popsicles in flavors like mango and, our new favorite, guanabana.

Guanabanas close crop 81722Guanabana, or soursop in English, is a spiky green fruit that is found on trees around the town. Unlike mango, the fruit grows at ground level and is easy to pick. With a mushy, pulpy center, it tastes much better than it looks, inside and out!

Wikipedia describes the flavor as, “With an aroma similar to pineapple, the flavor of the fruit has been described as a combination of strawberries and apple with sour citrus flavor notes, contrasting with an underlying thick creamy texture reminiscent of banana,” and I’d have to agree!

Everything is Awesome

Milo shy smileSpeaking of delicious flavors, it’s been wonderful to notice that Milo seems to have departed from his “Blech, gross!” (“Guacala!” in Spanish) to every food phase, and now describes everything as “riquísimo!” (delicious!) It’s a lot more fun to cook for him now.

In case you are wondering, right now Milo speaks 90% Spanish with a variety of English words mixed in. I speak to him in English or French exclusively, never Spanish, just to try to balance the mix of what he hears all around. It’s common to hear him say adorable and mixed-together sentences like, “Yo quiero el pink one,” “Yo comí el whole thing,” and “Es un sunny day!”

KnitFreedom News

We’ve been falling into a lovely rhythm here at KnitFreedom of recording new classes, supporting our students with tips and videos, and reviving and re-publishing old classes with new material.

Toe-Up Socks Knitalong Still Going Strong

Worsted Toe Up Heel Flap Socks close crop sm 81722People are still joining our August 2022 Toe-Up Socks Knitalong, which is so exciting! It’s never too late to join in and get one-on-one help knitting your first pair of toe-up socks.

Students are knitting two different styles of toe-up socks with worsted, aran, and fingering-weight yarn, getting discounted kits from Imagiknit, learning Judy’s Magic Cast-On, and practicing Magic Loop and two-at-a-time knitting. We’re having a blast!

Personalized Videos for KnitFreedom Members

Reversible Cables without a cable needle video screenshot 1 72622One of the perks of KnitFreedom membership is that if you can’t figure out how to do something, I’ll make a video on that topic just for you.

I’ve had fun with member requests this month, filming videos for double yarnovers, reversible cables without a cable needle, keeping the first and last stitches of the round perfect on Magic Loop, and more.

I will be publishing the reversible cables videos (there are actually two) very soon, to accompany the re-launch of our classic Cables 101 video class that will go on sale the last week of this month.

Lace-Knitting Video Extravaganza

"Foliage" by Emilee MooneyI recently finished filming a video class on the 2007 Knitty classic Foliage Hat. I filmed so many videos on how to fix mistakes on lace that I wondered if I should make them into a separate class! But they’ll all be included in the upcoming Foliage Hat class because it is going to be amazing.

I’m especially excited about one 30-minute video I call “Extreme Mess-Ups.”

Foliage 20 Extreme Mess Ups square video screenshot 8722 smIn this video, I take the project, pull out the needles, and then rip the stitches out as if a dog had found the project in your purse and torn it apart completely, then I teach you how to find your place and put the whole progject back together again as if nothing had ever happened.

Extreme knitting indeed!

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How has your summer been going? Have any of your knitting wishes for this summer come true? Leave a comment and let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.
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