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Feast Your Eyes – 11 Gorgeous Lace Projects to Inspire You

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Feast Your Eyes – 11 Gorgeous Lace Projects to Inspire You

Liat Gat - Founder

April 30, 2015

Here are 11 hand-picked lace projects I recommend, from beginner to advanced. Complex lace shawls and fingerless lace mitts round out the collection. Join our lace pinboard on Pinterest to keep finding new projects.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things you will be able to knit once you learn lace with my upcoming lace class. These projects range from beginner to extremely advanced.

Graphic of 11 beautiful lace projects I recommend, from beginner to advanced

Projects Shown Above:

  1. Brittania by tincanknits (easy lace, knit in the round)
  2. Lacefield Mitts by Adrienne Krey (easy lace – knit flat)
  3. Bonny by tincanknits (knit in the round)
  4. Silvermist Bath Set by Rosemary Hill (knit in the round)
  5. Schwimmen by Shannon Cook (knit in the round)
  6. Winter’s End Cowl by Rebecca Shepler (beginner lace)
  7. Umaro blanket by Jared Flood (charted lace)
  8. Elizabeth Shawl by Dee O’Keefe (charted lace)
  9. 100 Diamonds by Sachiko Uemura (charted lace)
  10. Lyra by Herbert Niebling (advanced charted lace in the round)
  11. Stella by Janina Kallio (beginner lace)

Here’s what to expect as we ramp up for this lace class:

The next three blog posts will help you pick some good starter projects. You’ll learn:

  1. How to know if a lace project is easy or hard.
  2. How to find only the best projects on Ravelry using their advanced search. I’ll also give you my pre-made searches and Pinterest boards.
  3. My recommendations for easy, intermediate, and hard lace projects to inspire you and to fill up your Ravelry queue.

I’ll then teach you how to pick the right needles for lace.
I’ll also give you a chance to enter a giveaway for some amazing lace needles from Signature needles.

By then my new site will be ready for those of you who know you want to take my lace class, and I’ll start accepting sign ups.

For now, check out the above projects on Ravelry, add the ones you love to your queue, and pin the graphic to Pinterest. 

Post your questions about lace knitting in the comments section of any of my blog posts. I’ll do my best to answer here or in my brand spanking new video knitting class,

Effortless Lace: a Foolproof Guide to Lace Knitting for Beginner and Intermediate Knitters (coming next month!).

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24 thoughts on “Feast Your Eyes – 11 Gorgeous Lace Projects to Inspire You”

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  1. I am going to signup. I have looked at several patterns and charts but am always intimidated. This will be my salvation

    1. I am glad to hear that you are signing up Sharon. We will be able to take care of that intimidation. The best thing is that because we will have a weekly interactive video class you will be able to ask questions.

  2. Kathy Spitznagel

    Good morning Liat. What skills do you recommend that a knitter need prior to your lace class? I am looking forward to this class!

    Thank you.


  3. Hollis Ramsey

    i cannot wait! already have the Dee O’Keefe “Elizabeth” shawl pattern — love her patterns. my birthday is this month, and i’m going to treat myself with this lace course as soon as it’s available. thanks again for doing all the hard work and making at available for us!

  4. Regina Hugendubler

    How to read charts. Yes. I seem to get stuck on charts. Looking forward to your clear videos and easy to understand verbal instructions. You and the new website both look lovely. Have fun ‘Down Under’.

  5. I love all the projects listed, Liat!! They all are so beautiful. Will we be making these in class with you? Just love them all!

    1. Part of the class will be curated recommendations by me of lace projects that are five star and really well written with increasing levels of difficulty. We aren’t going to be making all the above projects in the class. I will be concentrating on techniques and smaller projects. By the time you are finished you should be ready to tackle the projects listed as you gain more skill and trust in your ability.

  6. Would love tips on “counting” across charts and am working to make all the stitches uniform. Choices for “lifelines”also important and of course the benefits of single ply versus two ply is always an interesting discussion. I suspect thre is a lot of prep time required to actually “see” the pattern so there is less chart checking. I find u have to count count count when making lace. Blocking also of interest epecialky those ever beautiful “teeth”! Thanks Liat for creating this course. Let me know when ready.

    1. Tom, I will be announcing the starting date in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I took notes of all your interests and will see what I can do about addressing them. By the way, since I will be having a weekly interactive video class you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

  7. Want to try the class. I’d like to learn how to control the size of my yarn overs. I’d like to have them match particularly up the spine of a triangular shawl.

  8. I love shawls but absolutely do not like the way most of my yarns look in garter stitch. Considering there is a size difference in the stitches, would I get into trouble substituting stockinette for garter in Stella?

  9. Looking forward to more information. I have knit a few lace items, but always make mistakes. I would like to be considered experienced in lace knitting, rather than slightly intermediate.

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