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In 2011, There’s No Excuse

Liat Gat - Founder

January 6, 2011

Biking and Knitting!

I’m just sayin… there’s no excuse
. Not to exercise? Or not to knit? You tell me. Here’s to all of us who resolved to get in better shape this year!

Do you have a bike? Then you can knit and exercise at the same time – just snag an inexpensive bike trainer and you’re good to go! And if you sweat on your knitting, no worries! You were going to block it anyway… right?

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11 thoughts on “In 2011, There’s No Excuse”

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  1. Because I was knitting on the bike at the gym that is how I struck up a friendship with someone else who knits. Who knew ?

  2. Annette Montanaro

    Your very sweet to even add the site to go to, for the bike trainer. I have been look for a bike trainer and gave up bc they are so expensive… Thank you for post that one. One question? where is your yarn? do you have it in a bag warp around your waist? hmmmm love the backround in your photos… =] nice boots too…

    1. Hi Annette! I wanted to add the link to the site, because I looked for the right bike trainer for a long time because they are so pricey, and I’m really happy with the one I got. If you read the reviews on Amazon you will see that it is a great buy. You can’t really see the yarn because I have it in a little project bag hanging on my arm, by my side. I’m knitting a pair of baby socks in this picture, by the way (toe-up, of course)!

      The gorgeousness outside is the porch of my new place in Aspen (no, I haven’t become a millionaire selling e-books yet – I’m rooming with my sister on a ranch here), and it’s so beautiful here! I’m actually wearing my snow boots on purpose, because the seat height on my bike is set for me wearing those boots. LOL!

      1. Annette Montanaro

        ahhh your very clever with the yarn in a project bag.. =]

        Oh Wow…Aspen??? Its to cold there… brrrrrrrr but the snow is very lovely…oh that would be a wonderful place just to knit away and bike indoor too..

        I believe with you helping so many people doing knitting, and i have a feeling you just love to help ppl… you will have a place of your own pretty soon…. but that must be neat to room with your sister…

        The boots works your calf too… =] lol.. lower the seat =\ you need a tool for that noooo knitting needles tee tee…

  3. ROFL! Gotta love the snow boots, for affect~yeah, I believe in visualization too :D

    I don’t bike, nearly got killed on one during a wind-storm, pedaling uphill. I threw the bike in the ravine and walked home. Been walking ever since. I logged 321.62961 (hey, every inch counts!) miles last Mar-Sept 2010, felt good to see the numbers tick by in my AHA MyStart Tracker

    Happy Knit Trails!

  4. Absolutely – I’ll be fitting a sweater, a shawl, and a couple pairs of socks in between Pilates and spin sessions. Thanks for the inspiration (and the link to the bike trainer)!

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