I am so excited and proud to bring to you the future of knitting instruction! I wrote 157 pages of material, and filmed over 100 high-resolution videos – and I have created it just for you.

Are you ready to have an expert knitting instructor at your fingertips at all times? To have more confidence, relaxation, and knitting speed than ever before? Let’s GO!

Go to Become A Knitting Superstar to find out exactly what is in this fantastic new resource and get your copy today!

MariGayle's personal experience with KNITFreedom

MariGayle's personal experience with KNITFreedom

That link again is https://www.knitfreedom.com/superstar

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  1. I love this e-book!
    The only problem for me is that I’m not so good in reading english/american knitting-terms. Alltough with the videos I can learn everythin I se :-)
    I’ve had it since the release and have already learnt alot.

    I’m sorry that my english isn’t so good, but I think you understand me ;-)

    Thank You! from the north of Sweden,
    Ingela Tampio living in Kiruna

    1. Hi Ingela,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am delighted that you are learning a lot from the videos. I hope the pattern-translation section of the e-book helps you a lot.
      Hugs to you!

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