Become a Knitting Superstar Pre-Sale Launches Tomorrow

Mari made this video, completely unsolicited, describing how the videos in this course changed her life! Thanks so much, Mari!!

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MariGayle's personal experience with KNITFreedom

Mari made this video, completely unsolicited, describing how the videos in this course changed her life! Thanks so much, Mari!! "Knitting Superstar" E-Book Sneak Peek Here is a preview from the introduction of my new video e-book, "Become a Knitting Supers

"Knitting Superstar" E-Book Sneak Peek

Here is a preview from the introduction of my new video e-book, "Become a Knitting Superstar" The Ultimate Video Knitting Guide, available to KnitFreedom video newsletter subscribers at a huge discount starting tomorrow!

What Does It Mean to Be a Knitting Superstar?

A Knitting Superstar is fearless. Equipped with curiosity and confidence, she tries new things, because she is unafraid to make mistakes. She is acclimated to the uncomfortable feeling of messing up, of being confused, or stuck, and knows how to move through it, and come out a better knitter.

His garments usually look great on him and on his loved ones, because he is knowledgeable about yarn and the different choices he has when shopping for yarn. He knows how to measure himself and create projects that fit just right.

She's comfortable finding answers and getting inspiration from the many resources that are available - maybe she surfs Ravelry, answering and asking questions in the forums. Maybe she's made friends at her local yarn store (LYS) or her local knitting group. She knows the answers are out there, waiting to be discovered (even by herself)!

A Knitting Superstar is an expert at making mistakes, as well as fixing them. He knows that a learning opportunity is behind every misstep, and that only through challenging his abilities can he grow as a knitter and as a person. He is also a great help to others - a calming, reassuring voice when his friends have questions and need knitting advice.

She knows how to set herself up for knitting success - how to measure gauge, pick the right size and shape of garments for her body, and how to add the right finishing touches to any project, so that it looks professional.

He can knit in the round, two-at-a-time, in fact - from the top-down, from the bottom-up, and every other which way, without getting lost or tangled. His projects go fast, because he's streamlined his knitting technique. The horizons of knitting are open to him, because he knows how to learn.

Sound good? That's going to be you, and it's going to be awesome!

Become A Knitting Superstar Here

22 thoughts on “Become a Knitting Superstar Pre-Sale Launches Tomorrow”

  1. I just wanted to put my two cents in about Liat’s Superstar Knitting course. I purchased it over a year ago and tho I have been slow getting thru the lessons due to my schedule I have to say I LOVE this course. Liat shows everything in such detail and step by step. She does it slowly so you can see what she is doing and she shows the stitch and instructions in both continental and english style knitting. I so want to be a knitting superstar and I wish I had nothing else I had to do but go thru the course faster and knit my days away. Knitting is more then a hobby – it has a calming effect. I would say it’s a “zen” thing but I’m not sure I even know what that means – LOL I did finally just get to learn how to do two at a time knitting. I made some boot cuffs for my first choice on that because I figured it would be an easy pattern to work with. Oh my gosh – what a huge difference it makes to get done and realize your are really DONE. I was knitting one at a time for a long time because I was a little afraid to tackle the two at a time thing but here again – Liat made it easy – I was making it hard when it wasn’t. It’s so thrilling to realize you don’t have to start over doing the same thing again. I have not tackled the socks yet. That’s next on my list. My friends and family have kept me busy knitting fingerless gloves and boot cuffs so haven’t gotten to the socks yet but I’m determined! I would love to be able to make a sweater someday and some pretty lace shawls. I know I will get there if I just keep learning with this course as I have time. This course would be worth any amount of money so even Liat’s normal price is so very inexpensive. She has a really nice voice too – pleasant to listen to and one of those voices that is distinct. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Liat is as a teacher. You will not be disappointed and you will learn how to knit like a superstar. You can go at your own pace – fast or slow pokey like me but you will amaze yourself. BUY IT – BUY IT – BUY IT – you will not be sorry.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much it means to me that you left this comment. You have such a great attitude towards learning to knit that I know you will succeed with socks and lace shawls. There’s nothing that you can’t do!

      Again, thank you so much for your kind words about the course. My only goal when making it was to help knitters like you have more fun and satisfaction while you knit.

      Big, big hugs to you. You are a treasure.


  2. Terrific news! As for gender issues most men have been knitting with women for years so pronouns not an issue but you even got that covered! History of knitting full of contributions from both genders!

  3. Can you send me patterns for a sweaters for 8 to 10 year old girl
    PS Your Grandmother and Grandfather of Blessed Memory lived with us at Ahuzat Zahala

  4. Liat,
    Thank you so much for your Knitting Superstar. Without it, I never would have tried magic loop, i had long ago given up on making socks, basically I was afraid. You have taught me not only to not be afraid in knitting, but also this is transferring to other areas of life! :)

  5. Do you have to be on the Internet to use your new” become a knitting superstar” e book, or can you down load it and how? I’m not very savy with these new things, but I want to learn, sound really great!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ruth, you do need internet access to view the videos. You’ll be able to view the PDF file anytime, but the videos embedded in them won’t play without internet access.

      I hope this helps and that you get a chance to try the e-book. Happy Knitting!

  6. Do you have to be on the Internet to use your “become a knitting superstar” or can you down load it and how? I’m not too savy with this new stuff, but want to learn!
    Thank you

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