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A Shout-Out To Our Wonderful Knitting Forum

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A Shout-Out To Our Wonderful Knitting Forum

Liat Gat - Founder

January 20, 2011

One morning after a long night of answering emails and editing video, I dragged my sleepy butt to the computer to log into the KnitFreedom Forum on Ravelry, where I found…


Gaaah! What used to be one or two new comments per day has blossomed (exploded?) into a full-fledged discussion question-and-answer knitting forum.

I’ll admit it gets overwhelming to think that the peace and tranquility of my knitting students’ lives are in my hands, teetering between the misery of being stuck on a project and the euphoria of the “A-ha!”

Superman knitted designThankfully, some wonderful knitters have come to the rescue!

I’d like to introduce some great contributors to our knitting forum.

Some are newbies, some are fans, some post to hundreds of other knitting forums throughout the day… some have even become official moderators!

They are not always sure they’re right, but when they come across a discussion to which they think they can contribute, they jump in and give their (often very thorough and clear) answers.

Knowing that they are around lets me relax while I shower or go for a bike ride, which is SOOO nice.

I’d like to take a minute to spotlight and thank them here, and to show you all my gratitude for your involvement in this lovely growing and nurturing community.

Spinnetrouble screenshot

My good friend Sharon (spinnetrouble), whom I met while working at Stix in Bozeman, MT, is the newest moderator/mad scientist of the group.

Y’all listen to what she says! Being a microbiologist, she has experimented with and thought about stuff that I never have, like whether to use a yarn meter to measure scraps. She’s great at linking to pattern suggestions to guide people in the right direction.

 The lovely and passionate Rebecca (rlmeals) is like my second brain. It amazes me how she remembers and links to my YouTube videos and blog posts when they are just the thing to help people. She’s watched all of them and has a great knack for explaining concepts to beginners.

WildBirdie is the epitome of the hungry student. Having just started knitting this winter, she’s getting her money’s worth out of the forum!

Because she isn’t afraid to ask questions, she provides the forum with tons of ideas and topics for discussion that have developed into videos, blog posts, and learning opportunities for the rest of the community.

And that is the beauty of this forum. Every time a knitting student prefaces a question with “I’m sure I’m the only one who doesn’t understand this…” we get three more who say, “I was just wondering the same thing! Thank you!

No emailI’m so enjoying the knitting forum community we’ve created that I am enacting a new rule for personal sanity.

I will no longer be answering knitting questions sent to my email or via the contact form on this site. But rest assured, my trusty KnitFreedom group members and I will be patrolling the forum daily, even hourly, to answer your questions.

Thank you all for being a part of this joyful group! And thank you for letting me shower in peace! I’m off to record a new video (jogless color-join, anyone?) and to bask in general well-being and gratitude.

Happy sketch

Read more about the KnitFreedom journey:

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6 thoughts on “A Shout-Out To Our Wonderful Knitting Forum”

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  1. I set limits on what I could learn. I taught myself to knit many years ago. I could not tension my yarn correctly with my right hand because of some fused joints so I simply held the yarn in my hand and moved the yarn using most of my right arm. I simply could not duplicate how the right hand to tension yarn the Liat demonstrated. I stopped trying and declared myself satisfied with my knitted fabric. It was beautiful.
    I made a baby blanket for a friend’s granddaughter. It turned out to be really pretty, but I have lots of tails!
    I decided a decorative border/edge would really look nice. So I reviewed the videos on KnitFreedom and found the crocheted scalloped edge and it met my needs perfectly!
    As I listened and watched the several times, I finally HEARD Liat say we are supposed to hold the yarn while crocheting like the yarn is held in Continental knitting! I was taught to crochet when I was very young. And I was taught the proper way to hold the yarn!

    So, I tried knitting with the yarn in my left hand AND it worked!
    All those years throwing yarn when I could have been improving technique and speed and I never recognized I already knew how to hold the yarn!
    Thank you so much for saying what you said in the crochet videos.

  2. Thanks, gals! It’s such a relief to have set up some boundaries and also know that everyone is going to get their questions answered, all in one place. YAY!

    It already feels better!

  3. Isn’t it great to finally find a place in the sea of Internet Humanity, where all your eggs/skeins are finally in one basket! It can free you up to be able to prioritize what to do and when to be where, instead of,”Did I check my emails yet today??? OMG I have to blog yet, and look at the time~ it’s going on 11pm!!!”
    LOVE YOUR FORUM and videos! :) ♥♥♥

  4. Until last night, I had forgotten about the forum’s existence since joining sometime back. I was surprised at the growth of it as well (and pleased!). I love the intimate feeling of it, and plan to start participating more, now that I remember it’s there. :-)

    I had wondered how you’d keep up with demands of your time as KnitFreedom continued to grow. The forum was a great idea, and you’re so fortunate to have the support of those you mentioned. Bravo to you and them!

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