How To Do The Knitted Cast-On

Knitted cast-onThe knitted cast-on is a cast-on to use in an emergency.

It requires just one strand of yarn, so it's perfect for adding stitches mid-project.

The same goes for when you run out of tail doing the long-tail cast-on. It's great for adding more than 2 or 3 stitches to the width of your project in any given row.

To do the knitted cast-on, you simply knit a stitch and then pass it back to your left-hand needle.

It's kind of like the cable cast-on, where you insert your needle between the first and second stitches to form the stitch, but the knitted cast-on is even easier.

Plus, if you twist the stitch as you place it on the left-hand needle, you are already set up to cast on the next stitch.

Video: The Easiest Way To Do An Easy Knitted Cast-On

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  1. Hi
    I have used this cast on with two needles and a short tail. However on the first row the stitches are loopy. I dont like this look. Can you give me a suggestion?
    Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! I’m so glad you visited! I really hope you love all the videos you find here. :)

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