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2014 KnitFreedom Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Luxury Gifts

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2014 KnitFreedom Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Luxury Gifts

Liat Gat - Founder

December 14, 2014

7 top luxury gift ideas for the knitter who has everything. Ideas include top-of-the line knitting needles, a trip to Stitches South in Nashville, and, of course, lots of cashmere yarn.

Wondering what gift to buy the knitters in your life for the holidays? We’ve taken one for the team and spent the past few weeks shopping (I know, such a hard life!) to find the best knitting gifts – in all price ranges – for your family, friends, and colleagues.

Let’s start with the most extravagant gifts first.. These are perfect for someone extra special.

Grab some hot chocolate or eggnog, and dive in!

Luxury Gift Guide for Knitters
1. Tom Bihn Swift Bag plus Knitting Tool Pouches, $90 and $13-$15
2. My favorite needles by Signature Needle Arts, starting at $22 each or $80 for a gift set
3. All expenses paid trip to Stitches South in Nashville, TN, starting at $595 for an all access pass and $169 per night for the conference hotel
4. The most luxurious fiber (with a note telling them they must make something for themselves!) – at least 3 skeins of ArtYarns Cashmere (color featured: 909), starting at $120
5. Adii Click Set Turbo, $179.99
6. Every KnitFreedom video guide!
I wouldn’t mind being gifted a fabulous trip to Nashville for Stitches South, that’s for sure. The next week here at KnitFreedom is all about gifts, with our next gift guide publishing tomorrow (gifts under $50). Later in the week, I’ll be sharing my Ultimate Toolkit for a new knitter, and stocking stuffers.
In the mean time, tell me in the comments – what are you hoping to receive this year? Or, do you have a gift planned that you’re especially excited to give someone?

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22 thoughts on “2014 KnitFreedom Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Luxury Gifts”

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  1. First time I have heard of Tom Bihn bags. I really like the look and utility of the Swift bag, but the website says that all colors backordered until March. And the smaller Swift has been discontinued. So strike that off my list!

  2. You had me at the Stitches South!!! I live in the Nashville area and didn’t know about this till I read your Luxury Gifts, am hoping to go to this!!!

  3. my hubby is getting 6 dish cloths ( which are a dolphin, reindeer, trucks, goose, Christmas Star and an elephant named peanut) that i knit because he will not let me buy any. he says the ones i make scrub better and hold more soap. also i’m giving my aunt Faith a water bottle holder that i created. using 100% cotton from Bernat. this way she can hang it off her walker. i still have a scarf to knit for her as well. just need to get the yarn.

  4. I have way too much in my stash and can’t possibly need any needles or accessories, but I would love to get a Tom Bihn bag, the Swift. Unfortunately, the Canadian dollar has taken quite a nose dive in the past two months and I will have to wait until we are close to being on par with the US dollar before I request this as a present (My birthday in May? mother’s day?) What i would love to get is some quivit yarn. Enough to knit a lovely large shawl. Again, that is a “wait for a better exchange rate” item. I actually bought 4 skeins of the Art yarn cashmere in cabernet to knit a scarf for my hardworking husband last year. I am knitting it now in mistake rib and trying to finish it for Christmas along with a new pair of socks. He deserves the most!!! as he has been the best hubby ever as I have battled a tough case of Crohn’s disease for the past 4 years. This yarn was a huge splurge but it is the nicest softest and most amazing yarn I have ever knit. Worth every penny.I hope all the knitters who visit your great site have a healthy and happy Christmas and New year/

    1. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      Awww Susan, I’m sorry to hear about the crohn’s disease. So happy to hear you’ve been getting such great support though. I’ll bet he loves them!

      And a happy Christmas and New Year to you too from all of us of here :)

  5. Penny Tolsma (PT)

    I like knitting a lot of accessories. I am eager to see the gift suggestions under $ 50.-
    I have a great stash and love looking at free patterns.
    I am very goal oriented and tell myself to either knit up a ball of yarn or finish a project every day (whatever comes first!)
    I also sell my items at craft fairs for a good cause.

  6. I know that I am getting a yarn ball winder for Christmas. I do a lot of charity knitting and use acrylic yarns and find it hard to deal with the balls once they get start getting low. They flop around and tangle easily. My mom told me she would get me one. She asked me if I wanted a 4 oz or 10 oz, so I thought 4 oz would work for my purposes. I am hoping it does the job and I picked a decent brand (Lacis). I recently got my first Hiya Hiya fixed needle and loved it so hopefully I will be lucky enough to get a few more of those for Christmas too! I would love to try a pair of Addi Click needles one day soon!

  7. I recently made a pair of boot cuffs for a co-worker (she asked me to) and I loved making them so much that I plan to surprise my Mom, sisters and nieces each with a pair! They are so cool and such the rage this year! Oh, and the pattern is wicked easy so they knit up rather quickly!!!

  8. Probably nothing at Christmas! (I’m a widow) Our only family gift exchanges are for the children. But that doesn’t mean I won’t buy myself a present at some other time during the year! If I see something that I really want to add to my stash of knitting tools or yarn, I will gift myself. In the meantime, I just enjoy knitting. I’m slow, but speed isn’t important. Learning and just enjoying the movement, producing something pretty and/or useful for myself or someone else is what makes it special. Any time could be Christmas, and I’ve discovered that I like it that way!

    1. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      It sounds like you’ve discovered how to make it Christmas every day of the year. And I totally agree, it’s not about speed at all. You’re getting real pleasure from it, that’s the important thing :)

  9. I have gifted myself 3 sets of circular needles by Signature, thanks to Liat’s recommendation. I have fallen in love with them!!! Can’t wait until I can get some more.

    1. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      The gift that keeps on giving – I love it! :) My eldest daughter is hoping to learn to knit a blanket for her guinea pig. I love that these are skills they can learn and enjoy for a lifetime.

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