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2014 KnitFreedom Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Under $50

Liat Gat - Founder

December 15, 2014

Here are 7 knitting-related gifts we recommend for the knitter in your life for under $50. Ideas include project bags, yarn bowls, and a subscription to their favorite knitting magazine.

Wondering what gift to buy the knitters in your life for the holidays? We’ve taken one for the team and spent the past few weeks shopping (I know, such a hard life!) to find the best knitting gifts – in all price ranges – for your family, friends, and colleagues.

Today, we’ve got gifts under $50, and there’s even a yarn for your friend (or you?) who loves Downton Abbey!


1. For your best friend, the Downton Abbey fan, Dowager Countess Hand-Dyed Yarn from Bohemia Fibers, starting at $15 a skein
2. A subscription to a knitting magazine, like Interweave, Vogue Knitting, or The Knitter, starting at $25
3. For your friend with a huge stash, yarn stuff sacks by Tom Bihn, starting at $14
4. For your music (and knitting)-loving sister, a knitted headband that includes speakers by U|R Powered. Available at, $34
5. Quirky “Yarn Pyramid” print (for a balanced fiber diet!), $22
6. Handmade yarn bowl, $40
7. I Love Bind-Offs ($49.99) or Mastering Magic Loop Socks ($37.99)
This week at KnitFreedom is all about gifts, with our next gift guide publishing tomorrow (stocking stuffers). Later in the week, I’ll be sharing my Ultimate Toolkit for a new knitter.
In the mean time, I’d love to hear about a favorite gift you’ve given – or received. Post in the comments and let me know!

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10 thoughts on “2014 KnitFreedom Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Under $50”

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  1. My dear friend and I were a comedy nun act at the local Renaissance Fair. She paid the blacksmith to make us yarn hooks for our belts on our habits. It hooked over the belt and then we put our ball of yarn over the other end of the curved hook. We could knit while we walked around and interacted with patrons. I still have the hook and I will forever cherish the gift and the creativity of “Sister Mary Anthony” and the local blacksmith.

  2. It was a gift from my Hubby that I ordered myself, lol. A set of Knit Picks interchangeable needles. It comes with 24″ & 40″ cables. I love that almost no matter what I choose to make next, I already have what I need!

  3. Last year my Mum gave me a simple and unassuming wooden wraps per inch guide. It’s made of beautiful dark wood, smooth and soft to the touch, with absolutely no adornment. I use it as a zipper pull on my notions bag. A very simple thing, but somehow over the year the elegance and beauty of the wood has become more and more apparent to me and I have grown to really love this little thing – something she threw in my stocking as a last minute thought. Of all the things I found under the tree last year, this is the gift that I will remember and cherish the most.

    1. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      It sounds delightful Dorothea! I love it when those little things end up being one of the favourites! :)

  4. One of the best knitting tools I’ve received (I gifted myself) was the special set of Knitters Pride interchangeable needles! They have the short 4″ tips which I super love! They make the Magic Loop and knitting small diameter projects so much easier!

    Just a secondary comment, because maybe you can help change this. I so wish there was a cable length between 16″ and 24″. Have you ever thought about that, or wished, too? Why is that? and what can we do (who can we lobby?) to get manufacturers to add an 18, 20 or 22″ cable to the lineup? Liat, you rock! I enjoy all of your emails and posts and have learned so much. Thanks!

    1. Hi Teckla,

      I am delighted that you are enjoying my emails! It means so much to me that you took the time to comment and tell me.

      About your cable-length question — for me, pretty much the only cable lengths I use are 16″ (maybe, sometimes, if I have one) for hats, and 40-47″ for everything else! I’m so used to doing Magic Loop that I feel like I always have the exact cable length I need.

      Why not post in one of the 6 main forums on Ravelry and see if other knitters are also hankering for an in-between length — if so, you could petition Skacel (makers of Addi Turbo), Knit Picks, or one of the other needle manufacturers to make them. Good luck!

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