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Now Open for Signups! Toe-Up Sock Knitalong August 2022

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August 2022 Toe Up Socks Knitalong coverAnnouncing our new group knitalong for toe-up socks! Starting August 1st, 2022, our knitalong (free with purchase of our toe-up socks class) will help support you in knitting toe-up socks.

Successfully knit your first pair of socks with this knitalong geared for first-time sock-knitters. Experienced sock-knitters can also participate and avail themselves of our fingering-weight and faux-heel-flap toe-up sock patterns.

Why knit socks from the toe-up?

Socks are normally a complicated project with new techniques that are hard to visualize. Knitting socks from the toe up simplifies the sock-making process into a few straightforward sections that are easy to learn and remember.

Many students who learn toe-up socks with us continue to refer to the same pattern for years, adding and embellishing the socks as they get more confident in their knitting.

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To see more details about the knitalong, snag your spot here.

How hard are socks?

Sadie with worsted-socks made with worsted yarn we dyed at home with Kool-AidIf you’ve EVER, ever, tried to knit anything in the round, then you are ready to knit socks. Even if it was an ill-fated hat knit on double-points years ago, that’s enough to let you know you are ready to knit socks.

If you’ve never tried, or even considered, knitting anything in the round, but you feel curious about socks, this may be the right time to make the leap. If you’re tired of knitting just scarves and dishcloths, you’re definitely ready to knit in the round, but may want someone to take you by the hand and guide you as you enter new knitting territory.

Guiding you by the hand is our specialty!

We’ve set up our sock course so that even if you can’t quite wrap your head around what it’s like to knit a tube, the steps are so easy-to-follow that you’ll be doing it before you know it.

Snag your spot in the toe-up socks knitalong here

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