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How to Knit a Hemmed Edge

Liat Gat - Founder

July 22, 2011

The hemmed edge is a way of casting on that makes your project look completely professional and seamless. Especially flattering on men's hats, this cast-on is simple yet elegant. A row of purl bumps helps the garment "fold" over the edge.
Knit fair-isle hat with a hemmed edge - Andean Hat by Lisa R. Meyers
“Andean Hat” by Lisa R. Meyers

What makes this hat look perfectly finished?

It’s the hemmed edge on the bottom. It’s a subtle, advanced technique that makes knitted projects look SO professional.

This hat just wouldn’t look the same with a plain ribbed brim.

Here’s a video teaching you how to create the hemmed edge.

Remember, this is a step you do at the BEGINNING of your work, so don’t wait until you’re finished to decide to make a hemmed edge!

Unless of course you like sewing by hand.

A note: you can do a row of purl stitches on Row 5 if you want to: that will create the bottom edge you see in the photo above.

In the video below I demonstrate the technique without the purl row. It’s up to you!

[KnitFreedom] How To Knit A Hemmed Edge
[KnitFreedom] How To Knit A Hemmed Edge

To follow along with the video:

CO 14 sts
Work in St st for 11 rows
Row 5 (optional): P

Fold knitting and place the purl bump of the first cast-on stitch on the needle. Knit this stitch together with the stitch on the needle. Repeat down the row.

Continue knitting in St st or according to your pattern.

Red and Green Hemmed-Edge Knit Christmas Stocking

You can also knit a hemmed edge in the round.

Here’s a Christmas stocking pattern that uses a hemmed edge in the round to make a gorgeous cuff.

Again, a ribbed edge just isn’t the same.

In local news, I’ve been learning to read and write knitting patterns in Spanish. No official reason, yet… it’s just fun!

I had breakfast at a cafe one morning and read through the magazine below word-by-word, translating the terms I could figure out by looking at the diagrams.

A page from a Spanish-language knitting magazineFun fact: here they sell knitting magazines at corner newsstands, not in yarn stores.

When I asked the owner of my LYS if I could buy a knitting magazine she had laying on the counter, she gave me a weird look and said, “You can borrow it if you want, but it’s mine.”

When I asked her where I could get a copy, she told me to go to the news kiosk across the street.

When I asked if she was sure, she said, “Yes – that’s where I got mine!”

Another (unfortunate) difference between the yarn stores here and those in the States – there are signs everywhere saying “Please Do Not Touch The Merchandise.

That’s right- if you want to buy yarn, you have to take a number, wait for the salesperson to be free, and then walk around pointing to what you want so they can put it in a bag for you.

Needless to say I am a renegade customer. I touched everything, just like I teach you all to do!

2-at-a-time Mittens Video E-Book CoverAlso, I’m excited that a new Two-at-a-Time Mittens Video E-Book is also on the verge of being published!

This book is by special request and the mittens are a super-fast project.

It’s winter here, and it gets dang cold riding my bike early every morning to Spanish class.

So I whipped up this pair of mittens in about four hours and they fit JUST right.
Line Break

Learn More About The Two-At-A-Time Mittens Video E-Book Here

Read More of My Journey Through Argentina:

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If you liked this tutorial on how to knit a hemmed edge, post in the comments!

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