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First Birthday Bash! Sale, Media Party, And My Gift To You

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First Birthday Bash! Sale, Media Party, And My Gift To You

Liat Gat - Founder

September 23, 2011

Guess what- KnitFreedom is celebrating its first birthday today! Last September I quit my job, set up my home office, outlined Become a Knitting Superstar, set up my camera, and started filming – the rest is history.

Cute Chocolate Cupcake with One CandleI’m so grateful and happy that you’ve joined me in this journey towards Knitting Superstardom – whether you’ve been with me from the very beginning (thank you) or have just discovered KnitFreedom (welcome aboard!) – it’s because of you that KnitFreedom is thriving and helping more and more knitters feel totally confident and skillful, knitting things they never thought possible.

SOOO….. You’re invited to the party!! I’ve got so many cool things planned for us on this special day. The party is going to be a world-wide media blitz, suggested by KnitFreedom Forum member Watercolorgirl. AND it goes along with a contest. AND a giveaway. AND a sale. AND goodie bags!

Okay: the media blitz goes like this – it works online and offline. Today, please post, blog, tweet, google+, link to, tell someone about… KnitFreedom. Post on Facebook with a link to the KnitFreedom Facebook page, tweet about @knitfreedom on Twitter, put up a link on your blog to, put a link up in a Ravelry forum to, tell a friend about KnitFreedom and help them sign up for the newsletter anything! Let’s make a shout of joy for Knitting Superstardom ripple around the knitting world!

When you’ve shared about KnitFreedom, leave a comment here on this post letting me know how you participated in the media blitz party. From all the people that comment, I’ll be choosing FIVE lucky winners to receive a free e-book of your choice – including Knitting Superstar, if you don’t already have it – those are great odds!

Now, my birthday gift to you: in response to the great feedback I’ve gotten on the full-video version of the Two-at-a-Time Mittens video e-book, I’ve gone back to my first video e-book and re-mastered it to create the full-video, non-streaming version of the Video Knitting Dictionary. Now you can truly have a video knitting dictionary on your computer to use whenever you want – no Internet connection needed!

>>Click here to download it!<<

To keep the gift-giving going, why not give a friend the gift of a KnitFreedom e-book today? Do you have a friend who wants to learn CABLES, MITTENS, or SOCKS? You can gift any of my e-books from my store on Ravelry – all you need is their email address. Shop my store and click “send as gift” in the corner to get started. Looks like…

Ravelry Send-as-Gift icon

Here’s a bonus to help you get gifting – EVERYTHING in the KnitFreedom store is 30% off – today only! No coupon code needed – just shop the KnitFreedom store today and get 30% of anything you choose, for yourself OR a for friend!

30 Percent Off Today - Shop Link

One last thing – a beautiful and sweet gift that you can give to KnitFreedom that is free is linking any projects you have to my e-books on Ravelry and commenting on the e-books. Even if you don’t have a great picture, anything helps! If you’ve started the mittens, made the cabled legwarmers, or made a pair of socks on Magic Loop, go to the store, click on the e-book, and click “Cast On” to link a new project to the e-book. That way, other Ravelers will know of your successes!

A cute happy stick figure by LiatThank you so much for joining me in celebrating!!

Top Ten 10 Mistakes All Self Taught Knitters Make 3D Book Cover 10 2 21 fully transparent 5 cropped mid 2

Stop making these common mistakes and knit with confidence

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  1. Happy birthday KNITfreedom! thanks for everything that you do, I’ve become a big fan since joining your mailing list & will continue to be for a long time! :D Shared this awesome site with friends in the hopes that they’ll pick up knitting… good luck to everyone else as well! :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your web site and all your tutorials. You are very articulate and make it very easy to try the different techniques! Thank you again for being there for all of us! Keep on doing the great job you are! You’re a ROCK STAR!

  3. Hey Liat – I just remembered that there is a womens’ group that meets for lunch and chat at another community centre near me. If you send me some more biz cards, I will take them over and have lunch with them and chat about how helpful (actually revolutionary) your vids have been for me. :-)
    Happy Birthday Knit Freedom
    P.S. Better yet – How about example biz cards at your site that we could download and print out (black/white or colour) to distribute to our local womens’ groups? Snail mail is getting mighty expensive – especially when you are in a whole other continent. I am thousands of miles north in Toronto, Canada …

  4. Happy Birthday! I found you via a post on KnittingParadise today. Looking forward to trying the toe up socks. I shared your site with friends who I’m trying to convert into knitting friends.

  5. Happy Birthday to your successful first year of Knitfreedom and wish you many more years of success. I am older than dirt and a self-taught knitter. My goodness, what I have learned through your videos makes so much more sense than what I thought I was doing right. I am an avid fan! I am sharing your site on FB and also with my niece plus all my knitting/quilting friends.

  6. I have no words! Oh my gosh, everyone, I can’t believe this amazing outpouring of support and love – I am utterly overcome by the amazing fortune I have to have connected with such incredible students like you all – reading through all these comments was… oh I’m getting all misty – thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you!

    I’m SO proud of each and every one of you, for becoming such brave knitters. And I’m so, so grateful for the generosity and passion with which you’ve shared KNITFreedom with your friends. Reading these comments and feeling so connected to you all is an experience I will never be able to top. Thank you.

  7. This mother of 2 grown, capable, independent daughters never ever gives advice, hints, or ANY indication of possibly knowing something they don’t…but, I have forwarded this web address site to them. (Almost wish I hadn’t – it could be fun to show them up the next time we’re together for our little knitting circle.)

  8. From Madrid, Spain, Happy Birthday!! And thank yoy for everything. I love to knit and I have learnt a lot with your videos. I wish your idea a very happy and productive long life.

  9. I just posted your link on facebook. I am new to your sight just today and wish I would have found you so much earlier. I can’t wait to see more of your work. Congratulation and Happy Birthday KnitFreedom! You are living my dream. Thank you also for the free download.


  10. I have tweeted on how wonderful your site is and am on my way to Facebook now. Happy happy birthday and THANK YOU for being there!

  11. I “liked” the Facebook site, and posted a recommendation on my facebook page. I really enjoy the KNITFreedom site and come here often to look at patterns, watch a video or two… Sometimes I do more surfing than knitting!

  12. I posted your link on my Facebook page. I found your website through as well. I hope that the video dictionary is still available later on today when I get off of work. :) I can’t download it on my work computer. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I can’t wait to explore your website further.

  13. I totally <3 everything you do. I linked to your awesomeness on my fb. Now hopefully my family of crocheters will branch out and try something new. If anyone can teach them, it's you! (I live about 1000 miles away so I can't really be the one. Thanks for standing in for me!)

  14. Liat, I am always posting your site on other knitting forums in the hopes that someone will join us. I’ve posted several times on my Facebook page as well. I also handed out the business cards that I received from you and left some at my local library and LYS. I have had a couple of your E-Books sitting in my cart for some time now only because, I have been trying to get bills squared away first, but that’s a battle . I work nights and I more then likely have missed the time slot here but I’ll re post your Birthday bash on FB again. I love every thing about you and your passion for knitting. You have got me knitting things I would never have tried before I found you!! Love ya sista!

  15. Happy happy birthday KNITfreedom! Thank you Liat for sharing so much and may you be blessed with many many more years of success! I’m so happy you made your dream come true!

  16. I don’t have a blog or a website and I do have a facebook account and was so happy to find you there. Happy Birthday to you! It is so wonderful to see a dream come true. I love the tutorials I’ve viewed and I really appreciate the tips I get in your newsletter. Thank you so much for sharing your dream with us!

  17. Tweeted about it! Thanks to you, I finally figured out how to make socks. Which I am now addicted to. ;) Thanks, and congrats on one year!!

  18. I recommended you on Facebook!! Wonderful site, exciting techniques.. I’m already sharing it with knitting buddies! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  19. Happy birthday! I linked my first pair of socks ever to your e-book in Ravelry.

    I have been trying to get up the nerve to try to knit a pair of socks for months. I just started two days ago.

    The adventure begins.

  20. You are sweet to share your first year so generously with us. I recommended your sock patterns and email newsletter on a knit chat list. Thanks for all you do for the knitting community.

  21. My FB entry… KnitFreedom is celebrating her first anniversary. If you are a knitter or would like to be, you will not find a better instructor/teacher than Liat. She’s offering an awesome video tutorial and discounts in thanks to her subscribers. Join in the celebration at She’s the best!
    It’s all so true. Love ya! Donna in Dublin, Ohio

  22. You are sweet to so generously celebrate your first year with us. Once again I bragged on your sock patterns and suggested people sign up for your email list on a knit chat list. Keep up the great things that you do for the knitting community.

  23. Hi Liat! I proclaimed by love for KnitFreedom on your FB page & mine! plus “liked” you and left a recommendation. Great media blitz!

  24. I posted on FB and Twitter about your beautiful birthday! Happy, happy birthday-thanks for the discount, and keep those ebooks coming! I <3 them!

  25. Hi Liat!
    I linked to your FB page on mine. I can’t wait for my friends to find out about you! I already helped a friend learn how to knit continental and wanted to share your video on that. Your videos are so clear and helpful!

  26. HB! and many more! I have been sharing your name, concepts and patterns with anyone who would listen, since I first stumbled upon one of your YouTube Videos…I have made numerous pairs of socks – two at a time, and am now on to the two at a time mittens! You and your passion for teaching others is changing the way knitting happens – your’e awesome Liat.

  27. Happy Birthday, and many more! Thanks for all your good work. I will just settle for wishing you great good luck in your future.

  28. Happy Birthday. Love the downloads–perfect for ipad. just emailed info/email to 2 good knitting buddies who live across the country. It was a fun way for me to tell them that I’m thinking of them, and to encourage them to enjoy your site/emails/videos.

  29. First discovered KnitFreedom when attempting to learn how to knit socks for the first time. I’d managed to resist the sock mania, during my 30+ years of knitting, but now I’m afraid to say I’m hooked too. This evening I’ve “liked” Knit Freedom on Facebook and sent a Tweet as well, must get on with some work now, but will go to Ravelry later.

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the many videos and helpful hints Liat!

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! just posted up on my facebook page sharing what a help your site is for any knitting questions, with a link up to your fb page (also became a fan of you on fb today) . i’ve just taught myself to knit in the past month or so and you have been so helpful in this new adventure. and i cannot tell you how much this video dictionary is going to change my life!!! thank you so so so much. i have a book, but it’s SO much easier to understand things when you can see them. you are awesome, keep up the good work!!!


  31. Happy Birthday KnitFreedom :-)
    I don’t have a Facebook or Tweet etc. Nor do I have crafting friends. BUT I did distribute your KnitFreedom cards to a group of knitters at the local community centre earlier this summer. Great Idea! ALSO I have emailed the new Dictionary (as I did the streaming Dictionary) to my daughter – who unfortunately doesn’t knit and her daughter is only 6 yoa BUT apparently my daughter’s mother-in-law is learning to knit. So I suggested that my daughter forward the dictionary to her with KnitFreedom’s info contained therein. Hope it helps :-)
    Shine ON* for many more invigorating entrepreneurial years…

  32. Congratulations on your first year! I posted a Facebook link to your FB page and told everyone how great your tips and tricks are. Thank you for everything!

  33. Happy Birthday, Liat!
    I posted on FB and shared info with our homeschool group.

    I spread the word when I can. Love the little cards and keep them in my travel knitting bag (1/2 are gone now) to share when folks ask me about my knitting.

    Still loving the videos and the new dictionary is great! Thanks so much.


  34. I shared your birthday message on FB and on Twitter. I also forwarded your email announcing today with my knitting group, the Knitsta’s and told them about my purchase of “Be a Knitting Superstar” and how much I love it. Mazel Tov and Happy Anniversary, Liat, on KnittingFreedom.

  35. Happy Birthday KNITFreedom! Hope you have many more successful years to come!

    I posted on my FB page about you and wished you a happy birthday there, too.

  36. Happy birthday, KnitFreedom! I’ve shared the love on Facebook! This is a great website if you knit or just want to learn. Thanks SO much for making the Knitting Dictionary available offline!! Hope next year will be even better!

  37. I am just learning to knit, and after pretty much a million hours of looking at crummy videos on how to knit on youtube, I finally came across one of yours (NOT crummy, thank you so much for being WAY better than the rest – particularly for continental sytle knitting…) anyway happy first birthday and I linked your facebook page to mine!

  38. I just joined after hours of frustration on youtube I finally found your videos and hence KnitFreedom…..I am just learning to knit and there are some awful videos out there – but not yours thank goodness! Thank you! I just posted your Facebook page to my Facebook page!

    Again, thank you thank you! Happy birthday.

  39. Michele Herron Brandhofer

    I have learned so much from your wonderful videos! They are very well done. Very clear. I just shared the news on Facebook about your holiday celebration and I am going to take advantage of your sale to buy the toe up sock course. Best wishes and greetings from the north of Spain!

  40. Here is my recommendation that was posted on FB:
    “The best knitting help EVER! I have learned so much already from Liat and can’t wait to learn more! Thanks, Liat, and Happy Birthday, KNITFreedom!”
    Thanks, again, Liat, for your personal attention when I was having trouble on my end with my Knitting Superstar ebook!
    I am spreading the word far and wide about your newsletter and ebooks!
    Happy Birthday and here’s wishing KNITFreedom many, many more!

  41. Happy birthday, KnitFreedom and Liat! Your instructional videos have caused me to become completely addicted to knitting. I have knit off and on for years, but with your help I feel invincible when it comes to tackling any project. I posted on my f/b page, and hope someone I know will take my words to heart and check out your videos and KnitFreedom. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us, and I’m sure your second year will be even more successful for you!

  42. Happy 1 birthday! I am a new member of Knitfreedom and am really enjoying your videos and teaching style. Have shared this birthday news with knitting friends by email and will be at my LYS later today and will definitely spread the word.

    Here’s to many more successful years

  43. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a wonderful accomplishment! I shared your wonderful site with my Sister and Mom, they want to knit continental style, you will be perfect fit for them! Happy Birthday….pssst I would love to win! ;0)

  44. Hi Liat and congratulations on your first year success!!!

    I posted a notice on my blog to all my friends and subscribers about your party. I also added a link to your site on my blog. I shared on Facebook also and I will forward your email of your party to the CampgroundCrafters group I belong to. (Gals who fulltime RV and do crafts).

    Here’s to a great second year!!!


  45. I posted on my fb page as the only site you need to learn how to knit something—anything!
    I am so grateful for KNITfreedom,

  46. Happy Birthday!
    I have Superstar and reference it often. Talked about your toe up sock instructions with an enthusiastic sock knitter at our local yarn shop, Rae’s Yarn Boutique ( during our Shop Hop!
    Glad you started your business and look forward to more education!
    Thank you!

  47. Happy birthday to you!
    I posted your celebration on Facebook and shared your posting with some friends.

    Soon I hope to become a “knitting super star” just like you!


  48. Happy Birthday to you and Congratulations on your achievements! I posted this on my Facebook page. Boy was it hard as I just don’t do that, but I think this was worth it as I do believe in your videos as they have helped my knitting improve so much! I look forward to watching and learning more in the upcoming years. You can see my post here:!/profile.php?id=100002204083685
    Hope I did all of that correctly. =)
    Again, best wishes for many, many more birthdays to KnitFreedom to celebrate.

  49. Hi, Liat!

    Happy Birthday. I tweeted about your page and shared a link to your fb-page on my wall. Keep up the great work. This is amazing!!!


  50. Congratulations on your first successful year — and your courage!! You are living the dream and are an inspiration. All the best for many years to come, Liat!

    I’ve shared your newsletter link with a knitting friend and had already linked to your site from my blog since your videos are so great! Now I gotta go check out your store (again) and see what your 30% off sale inspires me to indulge in. :)

    knittingwithwords on Ravelry

  51. Cool :) Happy 1st birthday. I hope you have many more!

    I posted in my LYS Rav group, I already ‘like’ you on FB, but I wished you happy birthday there and posted your BD on my status pae. I forwarded your email notice to some of my buddies.

    I need to go look at the Rav store !

    Keep up the great work.

  52. Congratulations on your first birthday and all the success you’ve achieved during the year. You’re just awesome and so adorable and personable. I’m a new knitter as I’ve only been knitting a year and I love how your videos are clear and easy to understand. May you have many continued years of successful KNITFreedom.
    Take care and thank you for the wonderful giveaway and sale. Keep up the wonderful work. Luv ya!

  53. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you are only one year old! I stumbled upon your wonderful videos a looong time ago, and from there your newsletter. Use them often! And have told many people of the quality of your instructions. Once again I reminded (via email and phone) my knitting group and several knitting friends of my favorite site for help and tips. When I can get on, I will add a link on Facebook. Although I have never sent you a question, it was nice to know that I could any time. It is uncanny, however, the way your newsletter happened to mirror my current situation! Thanks!

  54. This is what I posted on Facebook along with the link to your site/facebook page:

    If you want to learn to knit from your computer, in your own time, at your own pace….this is the place! KNITFreedom Rocks! Thanks Liat!

    And…I meant it ; )

  55. And did a blog post!! :)

    Liat, I want to thank you for the best knitting help videos I’ve ever seen. I’m a beginner in skills and yours are the ones I turn to first. You never assume I already know anything, but in a friendly helpful way. You are approachable and real in your style and I’m never confused. You are clear and both in explaining and in demonstrating. THANK YOU!!

  56. Pamela aka watercolorgirl

    Happy Birthday!! This is so awesome and fun!!! Just posted on my twitter!! Also watercolorgirl, haha. Hope you get lots of new visitors today!!

  57. Happy Birthday to KNITFreedom! I hope you have many more years of success!!!

    I learned all my knitting skills by watching your videos. They were the best ones on YouTube for learning! SO clear and easy to follow. THANK YOU!!!

    I spread the good word of KNITFreedom on my blog and also on Ravelry.


  58. Happy Birthday! Thank you for making my knitting better and more fun! I tweeted and shared on facebook and I’ll be emailing and spreading the word however I can!

  59. Love your videos and ebooks. I don’t do social network sites, but I tell my knitting group about you all the time. I shared your provisional cast-on with them on my iPod and made their knitting lives easier! I have given them your little cards, too. Keep up the good work and here’s to many more Knit Freedom Birthdays!

  60. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

    Now that I’ve finished channeling Stimpy, let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your videos, e-books, courses, guidance and kindness have all made a big difference in my knitting and my life. I’m delighted to have been a part of this journey. I’m wishing KNITFreedom many, many more joyful birthdays. (Ravelry: rfh2001 — but you knew that :-)

  61. I have posted on Facebook and will pass your info along to all my knitting friends (mos of whom don’t speak English – but will surely understand your awsome videos).

    I send you a big birthday hug, and thank you for your great work and inspiration.

  62. Just posted link to your site on my Facebook page. Happy Birthday! I only found you recently through the Knitters paradise forum and didn’t realize you were such a young endeavor. You’ve done a great job in just one year!

  63. Happy Birthday, KNITFreedom! Thanks for all the birthday goodies you’re sending our way!!! I shared a link on FB/tweeted about what an amazing teacher you are! I’m so glad I stumbled across KNITFreedom, your e-books, and videos. They have made a huge difference in my knitting experience :))

  64. Liat, you are inspiring!!! Congratulations! Your success makes me smile. :)

    I posted a Happy Birthday message on my Facebook page along with KNITFreedom’s FB link. I have many knitting friends so hopefully your birthday success will inspire them, too!

    Your enthusiasm is addictive.

    Happy Birthday KNITFreedom!!!

  65. Thank you for the free pattern and 30% off offer. I love your site and always check it, especially on Wednesdays. I am not super good with computers and linking things but I did post a link on my face book page, but I couldn’t figure out how to add you to my advertising section. I joined your group on Ralvery, but again couldn’t figure out how to add you to forums. Before any groups that I joined shows up under forums, but the site says I do not have a forum tab listing. Any help you can give on how to post to advertisers or forums let me know, because I really would like to promote your site.
    Thanks also for the free pattern and a chance to win a e book. I will check out your yarns today. oh…also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  66. I don’t recall how I found your blog and videos, but what I’ve posted on FB and Google+ is true: Your voice is easy to listen to and your videos are shot so well and closely, I truly DO feel empowered to master TAATTU socks with your support. Well done and celebrate heartily!

  67. Your site is fantastic!

    I posted about your site on my blog, KraftKonfessions, which will then copy to Facebook and Twitter. I included links to all of your entry points (blog, twitter, Facebook) as well. I included information about your birthday sale. I also added your site to my list of links on my blog.

    Happy Birthday!

  68. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Knitfreedom and Liat <3

    I remember when you posted the legwarmers up on Ravelry – way back when…. I had them in my que to make for my daughter and the pattern disappeared – you were such a doll and sent it to me! I KNEW then and there you would create great things and KnitFreedom is certainly a phenomenal creation and you are a wonderful person as well as a wonderful teacher!

    Congratulations on your success with KnitFreedom, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more :)

    I will post on Facebook and Ravelry and attemp to put up a post on my blog for you (haven't posted there since the spring….(hanging my head in shame!)

    Cathy :)

    1. Happy birthday!! I love a party, & I love you, Liat! You’re a great teacher! Thanks for the classes that work offline, since I have a home on a mountain with no internet! I tell all of my friends about this! :D

  69. Happy Birthday! I love your videos and books so much that I’m happy to share your links! Thanks for all you do!

    I’ve posted a link in my Twitter feed (@JenniLathrop) which feeds to my Facebook page and I have added a link to KNITFreedom on my blog links page. I’ve also posted a link on my Google Plus page.

    Now, what am I going to purchase today…

  70. Happy Birthday!
    I have shared your link on Facebook, and my blog, and will also share on twitter and Rav as soon as I find my passwords!
    Here’s to many more great years!

  71. Happy Birthday to YOU. LOVE this site. I ordered the downloaded knit book and have used it many times already. The mini videos are great, carry it all in my IPad and love how easy it is to use. Glad I found your site.
    Happy Knitter,

  72. Happy 1st Birthday and many, many more.

    Shared the website on my Facebook wall. Keep up the excellent work with the videos

  73. Happy Birthday! I have shared your link and liked on my fb page as well as sharing links to some of your videos with my friends. I have been a fan of yours since beginning when I found you on youtube. You are a superstar!
    Thank you,
    Bridget aka Tropigalknits on rav aka tropigal2 on youtube

  74. I’m not on the social networks but I did send an e-mail with a link to to my two knitting groups — about 15 people total.

    Happy Birthday!

  75. Happy first Birthday! I laughed when I got you email today because your site shares my birthday :D I have posted a recommendation on my facebook wall linking to your facebook page. Hope your second year is just as great as the last one.

    1. Hooked up page on my facebook page and sent emails to friends with site.

      Thanks and may you have many, many more Birthdays!


  76. Happy birthday! What a risk to take but a good one. :) Just found you and can’t wait to do more exploring on your site. Found you on Facebook and added you to my own blog. Enjoy your day!

  77. Happy Birthday KNITFreedom! Amazing what can be learned on the web. I’ve emailed your website to the nine friends in my knitting group. Thanks for all the tips.

  78. Happy Birthday to you! I’m very inspired by your projects and enjoy the tips from the newsletters. Thank you and wishing you a successful 2nd year! Birthday blessings to you.

  79. Thanks to you I was able to knit my first ever pair of socks and am now working on a two-at-a-time pair. My husband has claimed both pairs, so I’ll have to knit another pair for myself (maybe pink :-). I took the first pair to the show-and-tell at my knitting guild meeting and gave them all the Knitfreedom link. Thanks and happy birthday!

  80. I shared link on Facebook. Your videos are the best! Wish I had found your site when I was teaching myself to knit last year. I’m afraid I’ve already developed “bad” knitting style. But, will continue to watch your videos. Happy Birthday!!

  81. Really enjoying the newsletter emails. Little directions to keep me moving forward. And when I dropped 5 stitches the other day – I just reviewed your instructions, fixed it up, laughed a lot, and was knitting again in no time. Happy Birthday!

  82. I’ve Tweeted and Facebooked about you! I don’t know how to do the Ravelry thing yet, otherwise I would. I’ve learned SO much from you over the past year. Please keep up the GREAT work!!

  83. After years of trying and discouragement I finally finished a pair of toe up socks, Thanks Liat. Can’t live my knitting live without your help

  84. I posted the link to your birthday blog on the resource forum at I hope you get lots hits from that worldwide – WONDERFUL – group of knitters!


  85. Happy 1st Birthday Knit Freedom! The word is spreading via Twitter, Facebook, your business cards, and to anyone that will listen to me…thanks for keeping me knitting!

  86. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!
    I am sharing your videos and website with my mother who recently lost all of her website links and patterns when her hard drive crashed. Thanks for all you do!
    Also – “liked” you on facebook today, despite their nasty changes.

  87. I am sharing your web site with my beginning to knit socks sister in Alaska. Your site has been very helpful for me and I have many years of knitting behind me. She should really enjoy all your innovations.

    You have ‘freed’ me from the nightmare that was 2 @ a time toe-up socks and transformed me from a super slow English knitter to a much faster continental knitter!!!
    Although weve never met I know youll be a friend I remember for life!!!!
    Now off to go and have a peek at my newly purchased 10 knitting tips guide form you!!!
    Clickety click!!!

  89. Hello! I posted the link to your Facebook page on MY Facebook page and told everyone that this is one of my favorite sites. Happy Birthday KnitFreedom!

  90. Happy Birthday, your timing is great. I will be going to the local library today for a knitters group that we started last week. I own Superstar and have it on my IPAD so I will be sharing it with the group. I don’t do Facebook, or tweet or things like that so I will do my best to spread word of mouth. Love your work and thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    KNITFreedom is celebrating its first birthday today! is an awesome tool to get free videos, tips and more. A free mews letter is waiting for you – sign up today – everyone likes birthday gifts ;-)

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