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Feng Shui with Moni Castaneda

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Feng Shui with Moni Castaneda

Liat Gat - Founder

September 15, 2022

Are you currently injured and unable to knit? Or is knitting getting you through some rough times? Life's better when you share your struggles. Today I share my journey to make my house a home with the help of amazing Feng Shui consultant Moni Castaneda.
Milo and Liat in beginner hats
Milo and Liat in beginner hats (Adult Bulky version\child worsted version)
Happy Fall!

No, this image isn’t from this year, as it’s too hot to wear hats still, but it came up on my phone and I wanted to share it with you.

Injured or Recovering?

I received a wonderful thank-you letter from a student yesterday who has been with us since the beginning of KnitFreedom. She, like many students I have heard from, suffered an accident over the summer that has prevented her from knitting!

My heart goes out to all those of you who have had falls, car accidents, arthritis flare-ups, or other issues that are preventing you from taking comfort in knitting as you recover. And I want to remind everyone who is currently able to use both hands that, even though we may be facing numerous other challenges, we can be grateful to be able to knit!

Knitting As Solace

Another wonderful long-time student wrote to me to let me know that knitting has been her rock as she deals with her son’s serious illness and all the stress and worry that goes along with something that we just cannot control.

Other students have told me they have moved, whether temporarily or permanently, and their knitting supplies are in storage or unavailable.

We all face so many different challenges in life that it’s hard to be aware of what other people are going through unless we share. Has knitting helped you stay sane while a loved one was in hospital or while you were facing some other challenge this summer? Or do you happen to be going stir-crazy because you can’t knit at the moment? Share what’s going on for you this summer in the comments!

Making My House a Home - Liat's Story

Play Video about Liat Moni video cover image sm 9 15 22
I wanted to share with you something that’s made a wonderful and lasting difference in my life this year. It’s too good not to share!

Moni Castaneda’s Feng Shui Immersion Journey has helped me (slowly and within my budget) transform our rented, open-plan apartment into a space that loves and nurtures me and my family.

Moni helped me by giving me daily one-on-one consultation over the course of two months to help me improve and plan how to improve each area of my home, one step at a time.

While I’m not quite done yet and so can’t post complete before-and-after photos for everything, I’ve been able to make huge changes in how our space feels and works to support our everyday lives.
The biggest problem Moni and I solved for my house was that when I looked around I felt poor and despondent. I didn’t see how we could afford to improve our house living on a tight budget.

Moni solved that problem for me with her Wealth Poster tool, an incredible way to focus on the material things you want to get in life, and start acquiring them even if you don’t increase your income.

She also helped me get unstuck at work with her Procrastination List tool. If you want to have more time for knitting and have your boring “to-dos” get done like magic, This is a MUCH easier way than you could imagine to move things forward without any effort.

She also has TONS of video classes and programs to help you improve every aspect of your home, including decluttering, marriage & relationships, outdoor spaces, and more. I’ve taken many of them and highly recommend them.

I also recommend joining her free Feng Shui For Us Facebook Group. I really enjoy being a part of it. You will learn so many cool tips about making your space better. And she has free videos, tips, and classes all the time.

I’m signed up for her upcoming free class on Four Home Design Trends That Look Great But Are Bad Feng Shui. I’m so curious as to what they are! Register here.

20% Off All Feng Shui Courses and Programs with Moni! Ends Sept. 30th

I encourage you to explore how Moni’s Feng Shui expertise can improve your life! Use coupon code KNIT20 at checkout to get 20% off everything Moni offers. Ends Sept. 30th.

Family Photos

We’ve been up to a lot this month, as usual! Here are some of my favorite photos to document the days.
In other personal news, I’ve enjoyed reading Men Are Great by Karen Jones and conversing with her personally to improve my relationship with my great man, Carlos. It’s been fun to work on my homework, appreciating him and finding many opportunities to say “Thank you!”

In KnitFreedom news, I’ll be sending out some popular KnitFreedom tutorials and patterns in the next few days to help you find some of our best free tutorials.

It just remains to say, “Thank You!” to those of you who bought our new Moebius Bowl class while it was on sale and took the time to invest in your knitting success. You help keep KnitFreedom alive!

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13 thoughts on “Feng Shui with Moni Castaneda”

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  1. Hi List & every one else.
    This I’ve had severe problems with my left hip. I can’t sit up for long and it’s hard to lay down and knit. It’s slowly on the mend so hoping to knit furiously this winter

    1. Hi Kat,
      Wow, that sounds so hard. Yes, it is very hard to lay down and knit! Maybe a recliner could be a compromise where you could lay back but still knit. My take is to listen to your body and rest when it needs so that you can knit furiously after.

  2. Hi Liat! Just had a total knee replacement and I am recovering. I am so grateful to be able to pick up my knitting in between sets of physical therapy exercises. I love the Feng Shui video with Moni! And what you have done in your home is wonderful. You have inspired me to declutter and use Feng Shui to change some areas of my home. I have recently retired, so this is a perfect time. I am looking to uncover and release more of my creativity.
    Thank you sweet friend! You are still my go to knitting guru! Congratulations on your new family member! ~Bobbi Palagi

    1. Hooray! Bobbi, this is so great! Thank you for watching our video – I’m SO glad that I inspired you to use the power of Feng Shui to help shift things in your home. It’s such a cool tool. Moni gives out a free half-hour consultation if you want to talk to her about the best way for you to get started, especially releasing your creativity. Keep me posted as to how it goes!
      Hugs to you,

  3. Liat, you are the epitome of connection! I am so grateful for you. You have enriched my life beyond measure. Your willingness to share you with your community opens connections among all of us because you create a safe space to be ourselves. You acknowledge and honor the struggles and the joys in your own life and ours. I know I can only speak for me but I feel confident my sentiments are shared by many. Thanks too for giving voice to all of us who may not be able to knit either temporarily or long-term regardless of the reason. For me, knitting is meditation, as long as I don’t make mistakes ;-)) Although even then, because of the ease with which you correct mistakes and teach us to do the same though your amazing videos, I am usually able to take a deep breath, figure out the problem, fix it, and continue. It’s a tribute to you that you have created the extraordinary community that is KnitFreedom. Love all your pics <3 Milo is sooo cute and seems quite adept at child care. And your home has indeed been transformed. I've no idea how you find the time and energy to accomplish all you do; you are my inspiration!
    Big hug and lots of love, Marla

    1. Marla, this is amazing. Thank you. You make me feel that what I am doing is important. I love to know that not only am I supporting my family, I’m having a positive impact on knitters out in the world. Love you my dear!!

      1. You ARE important! Everything you do touches every one of us in so many ways. You are the tie that binds. Eternally grateful to be a part of your community. Love you, Marla <3

  4. Hi Liat!

    I love it when you show pictures and stories of your home and family. Your son Milo is adorable, and you have another little one on the way as well, so congratulations to you and your husband, and best wishes to all your family.

    With kindest regards,
    Susannah H.

  5. Hey Liat!

    I am having a Sleepless in Seattle moment in North Carolina right now. I just got out of the hospital where I tried to knit when I could on that same portion of the sole in my Azurea sock pattern, and I tried for my whole 11 days/nights stay. In my defense, I was on heavy drugs during the stay, and in my head I was thinking about what I wanted to say with correct grammatical speech but what came out of my mouth wasn’t it! I blamed it on the drugs if I could. :)

    Anywho I am home now and on the mend, except it is almost 6 a.m. EST and even though I have tried so hard to sleep this night, and I may have had a couple of fitful hours of sleep, if that, I think this may be a day where I stay in bed for more time than I want to. When I was in the hospital, I couldn’t go outside for fresh air, my doctor did not order any sort of walking up and down the hall, nothing but bed and elevation for my lower left leg. When I got home yesterday, I was mentally and physically exhausted.

    Today, meaning 09/17/22, my darling man wanted me to rest but I didn’t want to do that at all. I’ve been “resting” for 11 straight days and this day I wanted to move about. My legs felt like rubber though, and it was so hard to do anything, even just walking around my house, which I have apparently taken for granted for a long time, I wanted to do something, anything, even if it was wrong. I am bound and damned determined that this sock pattern will NOT beat me. I made the pattern before, and I do not get why I’m struggling so much with it now.
    So, now it is 6 a.m. and I don’t know if I’m going to get up and try my best to stay up and crash early this evening, or if it would be better for me to try to sleep and just set an alarm to wake up about 5 hours or so from now. That actually sounds a bit better. I can’t drive right now because the oxycodone is really messing me up mentally and I do not drive unless I can do it with a clear mind. My reflexes are nowhere near where I have to be in order to avoid driving impaired.
    I know this sounds like a whine fest, but I really wanted to see if maybe you would be open to carving out some time if you have any to spare to talk to me via What’s Ap or something so that I could ask you several things about having your YouTube channel, etc. I trust that you will tell me the real truth and not just what one thinks another wants to hear. Please let me know if you, Liat, would be open to a one on one with me. I don’t care to speak to anyone other than you personally. I would really appreciate the conversation if you can do it. Thank you so much for reading this long diatribe! I get to writing and I lose track of time.

  6. So many great photos, and stories to go with! The feng shui home improvement transformation is impressive. Having had my own knitting inability problems, I can empathize better with those who are experiencing them; my heart goes out. And Milo’s use of some of his little vacay to practice big-brotherhood is adorbs.

    Looking forward to this afternoon’s Zoom.

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