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Learn to Fair-Isle Knit With Perfect Tension – ON SALE Through Friday

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Learn to Fair-Isle Knit With Perfect Tension – ON SALE Through Friday

Liat Gat - Founder

September 24, 2022

Fair-Isle knitting is one of the most classic and impressive knitting techniques to bring joy and personality to your knitting. But most knitters struggle with getting their tension right. Learn Fair-Isle knitting with perfect tension with our 24-video class.
When you knit with more than one color in a row, the endless options of color patterns make your knitting POP!

Amazing Projects You Can Make With Fair-Isle Knitting

As you can see, there is no end to the joyful, personal, customizable patterns you can knit when you use more than one color at a time.

Getting your tension right is the hardest part of stranded (Fair-Isle) knitting

When your floats (unused strands of yarn) are too tight, your project looks puckered and doesn’t fit right.
Fair Isle snail mitten with too tight tension cropped SM 9 22 22
This mitten has puckered and uneven stitches, plus it gets narrower and pulls in all around
You might find yourself knitting on smaller and smaller needles to try to fit them into your too-tight stitches. This is a red flag that you are pulling your Fair-Isle floats too tight!
Fair Isle float tension inside mitten 9 22 22
The floats inside this mitten were pulled too tight
Pulling floats too tight just means you don’t know how to keep your stitches nice and even when knitting first with one yarn and then with another.
Fair Isle float tension SM 9 22 22
In addition, certain garments and certain motifs need advanced techniques to keep the tension perfect.

These challenges are easily resolved once you know how to check your floats and how to know if they will be too tight, too loose, or just right.

By the way, I struggled with my float tension when I first learned to Fair-Isle knit, and my first few projects turned out frustratingly funny-looking.

My first Fair-Isle mittens (see above) were so tight they wouldn’t fit a child!

Once I got the hang of perfect Fair-Isle tension, I created a 24-video class to teach anyone how to Fair-Isle knit.

Master Fair-Isle Knitting With a Fun, Felted Bag

Learning a new technique can be challenging, especially if you’ve never ventured in that direction before.

It’s hard to know where to start! That’s why I’ve put together a project that is perfect for first-time Fair-Isle learners.
Learn to knit Fair-Isle charts Continental, American-Style, or both with this quick felted accessory.
With just 150 yards of two colors of bulky 100% wool yarn and US size 11 or 13 24-inch circular needles (or Magic Loop), you can whip up a tote bag in colors customized just for you. You can even use up leftover yarn. AND you’ll learn a ton while you knit!
On this one felted bag project, you’ll learn how to:

  • Knit stripes
  • Pick up and knit
  • Knit in the round on a short circular needle
  • Read a Fair-Isle chart
  • Hold your yarn for Fair-Isle knitting (four options for holding your yarn)
  • Achieve all-important correct stitch tension for Fair-Isle Knitting
  • Consistently switch colors for even tension
  • Twist strands to prevent long floats
  • Knit Garter stitch in the round without purling (wrap and turn)
  • Weave in ends on Fair-Isle knitting
  • Knit an I-cord handle
  • Felt a knitted project in a top-loading or front-loading washer or by hand
  • Assemble the felted bag
While practicing on this project, we’ll also cover how to fix Fair-Isle mistakes like when…

  • You didn’t follow the chart correctly
  • You are pulling floats too tight
  • You discover a mistake far down in your knitting
  • You get “corners” on Magic Loop and DPNs
To learn a new technique, it’s important to practice on a project you’re really going to enjoy. Adding your own finishing touches like a bag lining and leather or vintage resin handles makes the project your own.

Here's How You'll Leaan to Knit Fair-Isle Like a Superstar

Play Video about How to Fair Isle Knit Like a Superstar video cover w logo 3 9 24 22
Top Ten 10 Mistakes All Self Taught Knitters Make 3D Book Cover 10 2 21 fully transparent 5 cropped mid 2

Stop making these common mistakes and knit with confidence

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